Ready to be challenged? Whether you're interested in graphic design or marketing, Summer Scholars offers you the opportunity to discover what it's like to study at Furman.

Each session, our students have the ability to choose their favorite course. To pick your course, simply rank your top two choices in the application, and we'll place you in a class. We assign our students to classes based on academic records and space availability. So be sure to apply early to land your desired course.

Our classes are held Monday through Friday for approximately five hours each day. Some courses require evening meetings and outside assignments. Our Summer Scholar counselors will accompany students to class to help them with assignments as needed. 

Course Offerings

Sample course offerings include:

  • Graphic Design: Advertising Design & Brand Identity

      Everyday a person sees over 5,000 logos that they will associate with a brand. Apple, Nike, BMW, Coca Cola just to name a few. Companies are constantly competing for the best design and branding strategy to capture their audiences' attention. This course will give you the tools to design your own eye catching logos as well as show you that color, typography and packaging of a product work together to create its' brand identity. The course will include lectures, projects, critiques, discussions, demonstrations, readings, presentations, and a field trip to a local ad agency. Software: Adobe Creative Suite; Hardware: Apple iMac G4, Flatbed scanner and color laser printer.

      This program will be directed by Ross McClain, Assistant Professor of Art, who has been a member of the Furman faculty since the fall of 1999. Previously, he served as a faculty member at the University of Iowa and the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities. Ross also has five years of experience in commercial advertising and graphic design.

  • Leadership Quest for Excellence

      Leadership Quest for Excellence 2015 is an interactive experience for high school students who desire to be effective leaders and contributing members of groups, teams and organizations. Through this action packed program, you will:

      • Discover your leadership strengths and learn to communicate and apply them in group settings.
      • Study group dynamics through self-evaluation and conflict resolution.
      • Collaborate with peers to lead team activities.
      • Serve and interact with Greenville community leaders.
      • Explore & create your vision for change in your community.
      Program components include:
      • Gallup Strengths Quest Assessment
      • Team Building Activities (on and off campus)
      • Community Service
      • Greenville Civic Leaders Panel
      • Peer Leadership Training
      • Vision Building, Goal Setting & Reflection

      Kim Keefer, Director of the Shucker Center for Leadership Development at Furman will lead this program. She has twenty three years of experience as a leadership educator. In her role at Furman, she coordinates a comprehensive leadership development program for Furman students, is a Gallup Certified Strengths Quest Advocate and serves as the advisor for Furman's Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society. Program Teaching Assistants are Shucker Fellows from the Shucker Leadership Institute.

  • Live Well

      Are you interested in nutrition, health, and fitness? Are you baffled by food labels, exercise equipment, or contradicting media reports on diet and exercise? Learn how to decipher myth from reality by learning the basics of nutrition and exercise science. Develop an efficient and effective exercise program to meet your goals. Participate in group weight training, indoor cycling, and yoga classes. Become a food label whiz in a supermarket scavenger hunt. View the film "SuperSize Me" and discuss factors contributing to the current rise in obesity. Tour the Molnar Human Performance Laboratory, home to the Furman Institute for Running and Scientific Training (FIRST) that has been featured in Runner's World magazine. Observe or participate in state-of-the-art VO2 max treadmill assessment of aerobic capacity or Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry assessment of body composition. Visit a local farm to pick fresh fruits and vegetables, and help prepare a healthy meal with your classmates.

      Kelly Frazier, M.A., is a Lecturer and Wellness Program Coordinator in the Department of Health Sciences. Over the past thirteen years, she has taught HSC 101 Wellness Concepts, HSC 315 Fundamentals of Nutrition, and various group exercise classes such as group resistance training, yoga, and cycling. She developed and conducts the Furman University Eating Lean (FUEL) plate-based dietary intervention to improve nutrient intake, body composition, and health outcomes for chronic disease. Frazier also developed and directs the FIT Rx: Internship in Individualized Exercise Assessment Prescription. Through FIT Rx, Health Science majors are trained in the principles of exercise assessment and prescription and then assist Furman faculty, staff, and spouses with individualized exercise programming to improve health outcomes. Frazier is author of the Live Well Furman Blog, the advisor for the Furman Culinary Club and she actively participates in a wide variety of other health promotion activities for Furman and the surrounding community.

      For more information, please visit the Live Well Furman Blog.

  • Theatre: Remember Me in LIGHT!

      An introduction to the basic materials, processes, and procedures of standard theatrical lighting practice. Practical hands on experience in designing, hanging, and focusing theatrical lights. Exercises and experiments with various types of lighting instruments - including 31 state-of-the-art moving lights, special effects, and automated lighting. A culminating project where the students, working in smaller design teams, will design lights to illustrate a piece of classical music.

      A typical day will involve a morning and an afternoon session. All work will take place in The Playhouse theatre. There will be a healthy mixture of more traditional "lectures" and actual work on a lighting crew - handling and manipulating the materials in experiments and exercises designed to give the student greater confidence and competence in using light as an artistic medium in the theatre. Directing this program will be Rhett Bryson, professor of Theatre Arts at Furman and scenic and lighting designer for the Furman Theatre. Rhett has professional theatre experience at the Asolo Theatre Festival in Sarasota, FL. Assisting will be Alan Bryson, the technical director of the Furman Theatre.

  • Brilliant Babies: Exploring Current Topics in Developmental Science

      Have you ever wondered what babies know? What's going on inside their little heads? This course is designed to introduce you to cutting-edge research about the surprising world of the infant mind. Together we will explore current topics in the field of developmental science, including, for example, autism, moral development, attachment to caregivers, and brain plasticity. You will learn about the creative techniques scientists use to figure out what babies know, and you'll reflect on the influence of culture by comparing the development of babies growing up in the United States to those growing up in different countries. The course will include a combination of lectures, guest speakers, group discussions, films, small group projects, and demonstrations. We will also have the opportunity to observe and interact with infants and young children through field experiences.

      This course will be taught by Dr. Erin Hahn, Associate Professor of Psychology at Furman University. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, she has been on the faculty at Furman for the past 10 years. She is the director of the Furman Learning Lab where she collaborates with students on research projects investigating early cognitive development. She regularly teaches classes on Autism, Childhood & Adolescence, Poverty & Child Development, and Research Methods & Statistics.

  • Marketing and Business: Fantastic Firms and the Business Fundamentals That Make Them Great

      This course will introduce you to fundamental business concepts and practices that are essential for success in the global marketplace. We will examine these fundamentals through the lens of four firms, two of which have a very strong presence in the Upstate South Carolina area. The firms are Apple, BMW, Michelin and Starbucks. Areas to be addressed include brand strategy, business ethics, consumer behavior, globalization, manufacturing and production, market segmentation, product innovation, retailing, supply chain, and sustainability. For each firm we will examine the critical market factors and business practices that enable the organization to prosper in a dynamic competitive environment. In addition to the classroom experience, the class may include field trips to production facilities and retail environments, and presentations by company managers.

      This course will be taught by Dr. Robert L. Underwood, Associate Professor of Marketing in the Department of Business and Accounting. Dr. Underwood has over 20 years of experience teaching and researching in the areas of consumer behavior, integrated marketing communication, international marketing, and strategic marketing management.

  • Pre-Health: What is it like to practice medicine in the 21st century?

      This course will give students the opportunity to learn what it takes to be a health care provider. Topics will include how to start preparing now for a health career, what to expect in health professional school, and a comparison of health careers available. Students will hear from a variety of healthcare professionals about the real issues they face in their careers.

      In order to learn about the close interaction of the healthcare professions in the real world, students will work through a case study of diagnosing and treating a patient from start to finish. Students will participate in hands-on activities and lab experiments as they learn about the different facets of healthcare. This course may also include tours of local hospitals and healthcare facilities. This course will be directed by Dr. John Banisaukas, the Health Professions Advisor at Furman University, and Susan Ybarra, the Health Experience and Internship Coordinator at Furman University.

  • Sustainability in Action

      What is sustainability? Do our daily choices about how to get around, what to eat, and where to live really impact our local communities, the environment, and the world? One recent participant reflected, "I learned that sustainability affects all kinds of people from different demographics, not just animal and vegetarian activists… I would highly recommend this course even to people who aren't all about 'green.'" Furman University is nationally known as a leader in sustainability. We'll use classwork and field experiences around campus and Greenville to explore examples of sustainable living and careers in action. Topics include local foods, urban planning, energy conservation and social justice. Students will develop an action plan to apply what they've learned in their own communities.

      This course will be coordinated by Yancey Fouché and Kelly Grant Purvis. Yancey Fouché is Associate Director of the David E. Shi Center for Sustainability at Furman University. In this role she conducts university sustainability reporting; co-chairs the Sustainability Planning Council; collaborates with students, faculty, staff, and community partners; and serves on the City of Greenville's Green Ribbon Advisory Council Mobility Sub-Committee. She is an alumna of Furman University and the University of Michigan, where she earned an MS in Aquatic Resource Ecology and Management. Her favorite sustainability subject areas are alternative transportation, freshwater management, local foods, and celebration of human diversity.

      Kelly Grant Purvis is Program Coordinator of the David E. Shi Center for Sustainability at Furman University. Kelly Grant oversees grant funded projects, faculty & student research projects and student fellows. She plans Center events, and oversees the Faculty Affiliate Program and its associated grant program. She received an MS in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Urban and Regional Planning from the College of Charleston. Her work focuses on Urban Ecology, Urban Planning, and Green Building.

  • Theatre: Acting!

      Who doesn't love William Shakespeare? Are you among the countless actors inspired by these great works? Do you want to move beyond words on a page and bring the Bard's work to life? Whether you have been in dozens of Shakespeare plays, or are just getting started, this course is the place for you. Take a week and really explore what it means to perform Shakespeare's texts through a holistic approach to actor training. Active and hands-on, students in this course will collaborate to build acting skills in voice, movement, and text analysis. Tell the stories, speak the speeches, and bring Shakespeare's words to the stage!

      Maegan Azar, the Acting and Directing Professor at Furman, received her MFA in Acting Pedagogy from University of Alabama. Her passion for the actor's craft has led her around the country as an actor, director, and educator of theatre. Select Directing credits include: Julius Caesar (The Warehouse Theatre Educational Tour), The Winter's Tale (Furman Theatre), Comedy of Errors (California Theatre Center). Select Acting credits: Portia in Merchant of Venice (The Warehouse Theatre), Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream (California Theatre Center), and Helen in All's Well That Ends Well (University of Alabama).

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