Ready to be challenged? Whether you're interested in graphic design or participating in a mock trial, Summer Scholars offers you the opportunity to discover what it's like to study at Furman.

Each session, our students have the ability to choose a course from five options. To pick your course, simply rank your top two choices in the application, and we'll place you in a class. We assign our students to classes based on academic records and space availability. So be sure to apply early to land your desired course.

Our classes are held Monday through Friday for approximately five hours each day. Some courses, such as the mock trial, require evening meetings and outside assignments. Our Summer Scholar counselors will accompany students to class to help them with assignments as needed. Keep in mind that some courses require a recommendation from a scholar in a particular field.

Course listings for Summer Scholars 2015 will be available January 15.

Sample Course Offerings

  • Graphic Design: Advertising Design & Brand Identity

      Everyday a person sees over 5,000 logos that they will associate with a brand. Apple, Nike, BMW, Coca Cola just to name a few. Companies are constantly competing for the best design and branding strategy to capture their audiences' attention. This course will give you the tools to design your own eye catching logos as well as show you that color, typography and packaging of a product work together to create its' brand identity. The course will include lectures, projects, critiques, discussions, demonstrations, readings, presentations, and a field trip to a local ad agency. Software: Adobe Creative Suite; Hardware: Apple iMac G4, Flatbed scanner and color laser printer.

      This program will be directed by Ross McClain, Assistant Professor of Art, who has been a member of the Furman faculty since the fall of 1999. Previously, he served as a faculty member at the University of Iowa and the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities. Ross also has five years of experience in commercial advertising and graphic design.

  • Marketing and Business: Fantastic Firms and the Business Fundamentals That Make Them Great

      This course will introduce you to fundamental business concepts and practices that are essential for success in the global marketplace. We will examine these fundamentals through the lens of four firms, all of which have a strong presence in the Upstate South Carolina area. The firms are Apple, BMW, Michelin and Starbucks. Areas to be addressed include brand strategy, business ethics, consumer behavior, globalization, manufacturing and production, market segmentation, product innovation, retailing, supply chain, and sustainability. For each firm we will examine the critical market factors and business practices that enable the organization to prosper in a dynamic competitive environment. In addition to the classroom experience, the class may include field trips to production facilities and retail environments, and presentations by company managers.

      This course will be taught by Dr. Robert L. Underwood, Associate Professor of Marketing in the Department of Business and Accounting. Dr. Underwood has over 20 years of experience teaching and researching in the areas of consumer behavior, integrated marketing communication, international marketing, and strategic marketing management.

  • Sustainability in Action

      What is sustainability? Do our daily choices about how to get around, what to eat, and where to live really impact our local communities, the environment, and the world? What career opportunities exist for people interested in sustainability? Furman University is nationally known as a leader in sustainability. We'll use classwork and field experiences around campus and Greenville to explore examples of sustainable living and careers in action. Likely topics include local foods, urban planning, energy conservation and social justice. Students will become familiar with key sustainability topics, and will develop an action plan to become sustainability leaders in their own high schools.

  • Leadership Quest

      Leadership Quest is a fun-filled, action-packed program for high school students who wish to learn, experience, and model effective group behavior. Through discussions, demonstrations, games, simulations, and exercises, you'll learn about various leadership styles and be able to identify your own leadership strengths. You'll learn to differentiate among the various individual roles of group members, and you'll understand the important elements of group problem solving. You'll be able to compare and contrast the various results of decision making by consensus building and to demonstrate the knowledge and benefits of trust building in small groups by using such skills as self-disclosure and risk taking. You'll learn the importance of cooperation in small groups, and you'll find out how to provide motivation, feedback, and delegation.

      Kim Keefer, Director of the Shucker Center for Leadership Development at Furman, will lead this program. She coordinates a comprehensive leadership development program for Furman students, is a Gallup certified Strengths Advocate and serves as the advisor for Furman's Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society.

  • Live Well

      Are you interested in nutrition, health, and fitness? Are you baffled by food labels, exercise gizmos, or contradicting media reports on diet and exercise? Learn how to decipher myth from reality by learning the basics of nutrition and exercise science. Develop an efficient and effective exercise program to meet your goals. Participate in group weight training, indoor cycling, and yoga classes. Become a food label whiz in a supermarket scavenger hunt. View the film "SuperSize Me" and discuss factors contributing to the current rise in obesity. Tour the Molnar Human Performance Laboratory, home to the Furman Institute for Running and Scientific Training (FIRST) that has been featured in Runner's World VO2 max treadmill testing to assess cardiorespiratory fitness or underwater weighing to assess body fat percentage. Visit a local farm to pick fresh fruits and vegetables, and help prepare a healthy meal with your classmates.

      Kelly Frazier, M.A., is a Lecturer and Wellness Program Coordinator in the Department of Health Sciences. She conducts the Furman University Eating Lean (FUEL) Dietary Intervention to improve nutrient intake, body composition, and health outcomes for chronic disease. Frazier oversees a wide variety of health promotion activities for Furman and the surrounding community.

  • Mock Trial

      Thinking of a career in law? Curious about the American judicial system, courtroom procedures, and persuasive speaking skills? If the answer is yes, then this Summer Scholars class is for you!

      The course introduces students to trial advocacy techniques and applies them to the hypothetical criminal case, State of Midlands v. Whit Bowman. On August 30, 2012, a robbery occurred at RacheterWorld (pronounced ROCK-ter) Amusement Park in Midlands. Following the robbery, a chase ensued and a former police officer and current RacheterWorld security guard, Winston Thomas, was struck by the front car of the "Tunnel of Terror" ride. Thomas suffered serious injuries and went into a coma in which he remains on the date of the trial.

      The robber whom Thomas was chasing through the park escaped and remains at large, his whereabouts unknown. Police, however, have arrested Whit Bowman, a park employee, whom they believe took part in the commission of the crime. Bowman faces multiple charges related to the August 30 incident and related alleged criminal activities.

      Using the Bowman case, the staff will teach participants proper courtroom etiquette, direct and cross examination tactics, the structure of opening statements and closing arguments, Federal Rules of Evidence, and other matters related to trial advocacy in a civil matter. Students will be divided into State and defense trial teams; at the end of the week, the case will be tried in the Greenville federal courthouse. After classroom instruction, students will be responsible for developing case themes, preparing direct and cross-examination questions for witnesses, and drafting opening statements and closing arguments.

      Professors for the week will include the coaches of Furman's award-winning mock trial team, who are practicing attorneys. Students from Furman's mock trial program as well as Glen Halva-Neubauer, Dana Professor of Political Science, who founded the university's mock trial program in 1995, will assist the coaches. Dr. Halva-Neubauer currently serves as the President of the American Mock Trial Association, the sanctioning organization for undergraduate mock trial in the US.

  • Photography Boot Camp

      This course will explore photography as a means of visual expression, and will help both beginning and experienced students develop their skills and improve their ability to see and make images. We will utilize both traditional and digital darkroom processes, with focus on basic camera controls, composition, point-of-view, and subject matter. In addition to darkroom and lab time, we will have fieldwork excursions around campus, lectures, critiques, and daily assignments that will help students build a portfolio and become better photographers.

      Film cameras, film, and photographic paper will be provided, but students should have access to some kind of digital camera (a DLSR camera is preferred) for the duration of the course.

      The program will be directed by Terri Bright, Associate Professor of Art, who has been a faculty member of the Furman Art Department since 1999. Bright has her MFA in photography from the University of Texas at Austin, and exhibits her work nationally.

      Digital cameras will be available for use, however, you are encouraged to bring your won DSLR camera. Students who use Furman's photography equipment will be required to sign a liability statement.

  • Pre-Health: What is it like to practice medicine in the 21st century?

      This course will give students the opportunity to learn what it takes to be a health care provider. Topics will include how to start preparing now for a health career, what to expect in health professional school, and a comparison of health careers available. Students will hear from a variety of healthcare professionals about the real issues they face in their careers.

      In order to learn about the close interaction of the healthcare professions in the real world, students will work through a case study of diagnosing and treating a patient from start to finish. Students will participate in hands-on activities and lab experiments as they learn about the different facets of healthcare. This course may also include tours of local hospitals and healthcare facilities. This course will be directed by Dr. John Banisaukas, the Health Professions Advisor at Furman University, and Susan Ybarra, the Health Experience and Internship Coordinator at Furman University.

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