Faculty Development Workshop

From 2009-2011, the Shi Center offered a faculty development workshop called "Infusing Sustainability Across the Curriculum." The workshop was offered at both Furman University and Middlebury College, and was designed to assist faculty from a variety of disciplines in developing creative approaches to incorporating the concepts and practices of sustainability in courses.

With funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (Furman University) and the School of Environmental Studies (Middlebury College), the Shi Center for Sustainability (Furman) and Office of Sustainability Integration/Environmental Studies Program (Middlebury)sponsored this faculty development workshop to help nurture the development of a “learning community" where those participating will share on site experiences as well as collaborate over time through more informal networks.

The Furman-Middlebury approach is unique in that: 1) it focuses on infusing sustainability in existing courses; 2) includes assessment of faculty and student experiences; 3) encourages campus based discussion about learning outcomes for sustainability; and 4) has unique resources for faculty participants including online tools to promote resource sharing. It also has an interregional connection between the northeast and south that creates opportunities to explore sustainability from different perspectives over time.

Following the workshops,over the remainder of the summer faculty worked on revising their courses. Over the three years, 59 Furman faculty members representing 21 of Furman's 24 departments participated in the workshop.

This ongoing collaboration produced a book chapter and AASHE conference presentation on the versatility of the workshop approach. The chapter, which appears in the book Taking it to the Next Level: Strategies for Adaptation Across the Sustainability Curriculum, also outlines the adaptive (Middlebury) and emergent (Furman) approaches that each institution has taken to integrate sustainability into the curriculum.


Faculty Participants

Art - Ross McClain

Biology - Dennis Haney

Biology - Greg Lewis

Biology - Min-Ken Liao

Biology - Laura Thompson

Business & Accounting - Sandy Roberson

Business & Accounting - Thomas Smythe

Business & Accounting - Jeanine Stratton

Business & Accounting- Suzy Summers

Business &Accounting - Bob Underwood

Chemistry - Brian Goess

Chemistry - Marion Martin

Chemistry - Greg Springsteen

Communications Studies- Brandon Inabinet

Communications Studies - Cynthia King

Communications Studies- Janet Kwami

Computer Science - Ken Abernethy

Computer Science - Kevin Treu

Earth and EnvironmentalSciences - Suresh Muthukrishnan

Economics - Jeffrey Yankow

Education - Lorraine DeJong

Education - Judy Stuart

Education - Michael Svec

Education - Paul Thomas

English - Bill Aarnes

English - Karni Bhati

English - Kolawole Olaiya

English - Lynne Shackelford

English - Joni Tevis

Health Sciences - Kelly Frazier

Health Sciences - Randy Hutchison

Health Sciences - Si Pearman

Health Sciences - Anna Price

Health Sciences - Veronica Yockey

History - John Barrington

History - Tim Fehler

History - Savita Nair

History - Marian Strobel

History - Courtney Tollison

Mathematics - Mark Woodard

Military Science - Henry Anderson

Modern Languages &Literatures - Marianne Bessy

Modern Languages & Literatures - Ron Friis

Modern Languages & Literatures - Harry Kuoshu

Modern Languages & Literatures - Cherie Maiden

Modern Languages & Literatures - Shusuke Yagi

Music - Omar Carmenates

Music - Bruce Schoonmaker

Philosophy - Carmela Epright

Philosophy - David Gandolfo

Philosophy - Mark Stone

Political Science- Liz Smith

Psychology - Michelle Horhota

Psychology - Paul Rasmussen

Religion - Roger Sneed

Religion - Helen Lee Turner

Sociology - Ken Kolb


Warren Wilson College Faculty Participants:

Ben Feinberg - Sociology and Anthropology

Stephen Cartier - Chemistry

Paula Garrett - Vice President for AcademicAffairs and Dean of the College

John Brock - Chemistry/Environmental Studies



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