To satisfy the requirements for the minor in Poverty Studies, students must complete:

  • PVS-101,
  • an internship, and
  • at least five more courses from the following, with no more than two from any one discipline, which must include at least one course from either economics or political science.

No more than one May Experience may contribute to minor requirements.

The poverty studies internship must deal directly with people living in poverty and must be completed as an 8-10 week full-time summer experience. Normally, the internship will be undertaken after successful completion of PVS-101 Introduction to Poverty Studies and completed prior to the beginning of the junior year. Sites must be approved by the Poverty Studies Coordinator and Furman's Internship Program Director. On occasion, special topics courses are offered that also satisfy the requirements for the minor.

  • AST-250 Human Development in Contemporary Asia
  • AST-255 Poverty, Gender and Development in India
  • ECN-233 Economics of Gender
  • ECN-237 Economics of Poverty and Inequality
  • ECN-243 Economic Growth and Development
  • EDU-111 Perspectives on American Education
  • EDU-115 (May X) Depiction of Schools on Film
  • EDU-260 (May X) What Makes a Great Teacher
  • FRN-445 French Black Novelists
  • HST-142 Modern Latin America
  • HST-145 History of Africa
  • HST-233 American Immigration History
  • HST-307 Life on the Margins in Early Modern Europe
  • HST-352 Travel Study in Latin America
  • MLL-245 African Literature
  • MLL-280 (May X) Social Justice and Immigration
  • MXP-300 (MayX) Poverty, Medicine, & Law
  • PHL-260 Latin American Philosophy
  • PHL-270 Africana Philosophies
  • PHL-304 Ethics of Globalization
  • PHL-310 Social and Political Philosophy
  • PSC-204 Civil Rights and the U.S. Constitution
  • PSC-205 Public Policy and Administration
  • PSC-208 Urban Politics
  • PSC-211 Racial and Ethnic Politics
  • PSC-223 Politics of Developing Nations
  • PSC-224 Politics of Africa
  • PSC-226 Politics of China
  • PSC-229 Politics of Asia
  • PSC-230 Politics of Latin America
  • PSC-256 International Political Economy
  • PSC-415 Poverty and the Law
  • PVS-101 Introduction to Poverty Studies
  • PVS-102 (May X) Living in Poverty
  • REL-233 Martin Luther King and the Religion of Social Reform
  • REL-332 Wealth and Poverty in Christian Tradition​
  • REL-340 Faith and Ethics
  • SOC-223 Urban Community
  • SOC-241 Social Class in America
  • SOC-243 Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SOC-260 Global Health Inequalities
  • SOC-262 Social Determinants of Health
  • SPN-240 Latin American Civilization

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