1.  Core Courses: These are required for all students.

  • BIO-111 Foundations of Biology
  • BIO-221 Genetics
  • BIO-460 Neurobiology - must be taken in the junior year
  • PSY-111 General Psychology
  • PSY-320 Introduction to Biopsychology - must be taken in the sophomore year
  • PSY-327 Functional Neuroanatomy - must be taken in the junior year
  • PSY-201 & 202 Research Methods & Statistics I & II , or BIO-222 Research & Analysis  (PSY-202 and BIO-222 will serve interchangeably when either is a prerequisite for the BIO or PSY courses used for the major.)
  • CHM-110 Foundations of Chemistry
  • CHM-115 Introductory Kinetics and Thermodynamics
  • CHM-120 Organic Chemistry
  • CHM-220 Bio-Organic Chemistry
  • (MTH-141 or 150 is not directly a NS major requirement, but is required for all Furman B.S. degrees.)

2.  Electives: Each student must complete at least one course from each of groups A, B, and C, plus one additional course from any group.  Note that none of the classes a student uses as electives for the Neuroscience major may also count toward another major.

Group A - Molecular Group B - Physiological Group C - Behavioral Group D - Other
Cell Biology
Animal Physiology
Childhood and Adolescence
Comparative Anatomy & Embryology
Molecular Genetics
Human Physiology
Adulthood and Aging
Human Genetics
Biochemistry of the Cell
Brain Imaging
Abnormal Psychology
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Memory and Cognition
Human Anatomical Systems
Animal Behavior
Philosophy of Psychology
Biological Chemistry
Health Psychology
The Sleeping Brain

3.  Empirical Research Experience: Each student must complete an approved empirical research experience related to neuroscience.  This will be counted as NS 502 Research in Neuroscience (0 credits), and should be completed before the beginning of their senior year, in preparation for parts of NS 401 (see below).  It will typically involve work performed in a research setting, either at Furman or at another institution, and be comparable to 10 weeks of half-time work.  The student will typically confer with his Neuroscience major advisor, and receive approval for the experience from the Neuroscience Major Advisory Committee beforehand.

    NS 502 Research in Neuroscience (0 credits)  
    Prerequisite: permission of the instructor
    Original and independent research.  Working through the Neuroscience Major Advisory Committee, the student poses a question of significance in neuroscience, devises an experimental protocol, and collects data to evaluate the question.  Projects may be performed either on campus or at other locations.  Presentation of the research in the context of NS 401 is required.

4.  Capstone course: The following course is required of all students, and will normally be taken during their senior year.

    NS 401 Current Topics in Neuroscience (4 credits)
    Prerequisite: permission of the instructor, PSY-327 and BIO-460
    Year-long capstone course for neuroscience majors that will provide students with knowledge of current research practice and implications.  Discussions of seminal or innovative research papers in a seminar format, and of individual research experiences in the context of progress in the field as a whole. 

5.  GPA requirement: All students must have a 2.0 average in all courses used towards the NS major in order to graduate with a NS major.

Download the Neuroscience Major Requirement Checklist [PDF]

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