• Lecturer in Music, Choral/Elementary Music Education
  • 864.294.2480
  • Daniel Music Building, Room 1A
  • kathy.cochran@furman.edu

Kathy H. Cochran is an experienced educator who has instructed musicians at every level. Her expertise helps many Furman students prepare for a career in teaching music.

Cochran's research is focused on methods and strategies of instruction in general and choral music, integration of music into the general education curriculum, and effects of music on human physiology, psyche, and culture.

Name Title Description


Arts Integration Elem Grades

Knowledge and understanding of visual and performing arts connected within and across the arts disciplines and other disciplines to allow teachers to engage elementary students in using the arts as tools for communication, inquiry, and assessment. Theories pertaining to the ways in which children learn each of the arts, active practice of each of the arts, and corresponding strategies for teaching children the skills and concepts related to performance and integration of the arts into elementary classrooms and curricula.


Music and the Brain

A research and discussion-based course that deals with questions regarding music's effects on emotion, intelligence, culture, social development, and personal physiology. Issues surrounding the development of musical talent will also be explored.




Music for Elementary Teachers

Designed to prepare students to teach singing and general music in elementary school. Explores methodologies of children's music, the teaching of music reading and basic elements of music, and the use of music in the teaching of other academic content areas.


Vocal & Choral Methods

Comprehensive study in methods of teaching vocal production in the choral setting and the private studio. Considerable emphasis on breathing, phonation, diction, intonation. In addition to the adult voice, consideration is given to the child and adolescent vocal technique. Designed to develop teaching skill.


Music Education Methods

Designed to prepare students for K-12 teaching certification in choral and general music. Explores methodological, philosophical, managerial, instructional, and administrative factors specific to general music curricula and choral programs in middle and high schools


Elementary Music Methods

Required for choral/ general music education majors. Explores Orff, Dalcroze, Kod224ly, Suzuki, and Gordon, their theories of teaching children, and/or their instructional methods and strategies. Other topics include how to teach children to sing properly, how to teach musical concepts and basic skills such as sight-reading and active listening, and how to incorporate technology into the elementary music classroom.

We do the best we can with what we have. Prior knowledge is the basis of all new learning. We learn best what we teach. Teaching is more than a job; it is a calling. The only real failure is the failure to try. Perseverance is 99% of the game of life. A teacher's job is to program students for success. We can't expect people to display behaviors they have never been taught.

  • Teacher of the Year (Berea High School, Skyland Elementary School, Brook Glenn Elementary School, Taylors Elementary School, Pierce Terrace Elementary School)
  • Composed theme song for world's largest concert: Music is for All Ages
  • Selected for inclusion in Furman Standard
Clemson University
University of South Carolina
Furman University
North Greenville University
Training Under
Richard Maag and Bingham Vick
Furman University

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