Meet Our Faculty Furman University

The Modern Languages and Literatures department is diverse, yet united in its mission to inspire you in your discovery of foreign language and culture at Furman. Our instructors' interests range from Chilean poetry to post-war German literature and from Chinese cinema to anthropology. Among our faculty are 24 tenure-track professors who have proven their long-term commitment to teaching language. Many faculty members have earned special recognition, and all have an in-depth understanding of their subject and a passion for helping students gain fluency in a non-native language and culture.


William G. Allen Furman University

William G. Allen

Professor of French and Italian; Modern Language Center Director; Language House Director
Marianne Bessy Furman University

Marianne Bessy

Associate Professor and Coordinator of French
Cherie Maiden Furman University

Cherie Maiden

Professor of French and African Literature; Lois Aileen Coggins Professorship in French

Daniel Worden

Assistant Professor of French

Nathan Brown

Assistant Professor of French


Anne Culberson Furman University

Anne Culberson

Lecturer in German and French

Ilka Rasch

Associate Professor and Coordinator of German
Erik Grell Furman University

Erik Grell

Assistant Professor of German


Jerry Cox Furman University

Jerry Cox

Professor and Coordinator of Linguistics


Linda B. Bartlett Furman University

Linda B. Bartlett

Professor of Spanish
Bryan Betancur Furman University

Bryan Betancur

Assistant Professor of Spanish
David Bost Furman University

David Bost

Professor of Spanish; Administrative Director, Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection
Jeremy L. Cass Furman University

Jeremy L. Cass

Associate Professor and Coordinator of Spanish
Ronald J. Friis Furman University

Ronald J. Friis

Professor of Spanish
Sofia Kearns Furman University

Sofia Kearns

Professor of Spanish
Stephanie M. Knouse Furman University

Stephanie M. Knouse

Associate Professor of Spanish; University Supervisor of Foreign Language Teacher Education
Angeli M. Leal Furman University

Angeli M. Leal

Lecturer in Spanish
Angelica Lozano-Alonso Furman University

Angelica Lozano-Alonso

Associate Professor of Spanish
Lourdes Manye Furman University

Lourdes Manye

Professor of Spanish
Adrian Massei Furman University

Adrian Massei

Associate Professor of Spanish
Alvin L. Prince Furman University

Alvin L. Prince

Professor of Spanish
Marria R. Rippon Furman University

Maria Rippon

Assistant Professor of Spanish


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