I am from Barcelona, Spain, where I graduated from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with two degrees: one in Translation Studies and another one in English and German Language and Literature. I was awarded a scholarship to study in the United States through the exchange program that my university in Barcelona had with the University of South Carolina, where I received an M.A. in American Literature, an M.A. in Spanish Literature and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. My research interests are: 20th century Spanish literature, Post-War Spanish fiction, exile literature. contemporary Spanish short-story, comparative literature, 20th century Catalan literature, and translation studies. In 2005 I received a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Literary Fellowship in collaboration with Wayne Cox for the translation from Catalan into English of a volume of Selected poems by Miquel Martí i Pol, of who m we previously published Vacation Notebook, a translation of Quadern the vacances.

Experience in other countries:

Even though Barcelona, my hometown, is my favorite city, I’ve always loved languages and immersing myself in other cultures. I speak five languages: Catalan, Spanish, English German and French (and some Italian). I have studied and lived in England, Germany and the United States. I have also traveled to France, Italy, Belgium and Chile. I love to share my country with students and I have directed the Furman Study Away program to Spain in 2002, 2007 and 2010.

Name Title Description


Intermediate Spanish I

Continuation of the development of proficiency in listening and speaking, while expanding the reading and writing skills.


Intro to Spanish Readings

Builds upon the basic skills developed through the first intermediate course. By reading numerous short works of fiction and nonfiction and through discussions and short written assignments in Spanish, students enhance their critical listening, speaking, reading, writing skills while expanding vocabulary and cultural skills necessary for further study.


Composition and Conversation

Emphasis on idiomatic expression through guided oral and written practice. Review of basic phonology, grammar and syntax included.


Spanish Civilization

Survey of the culture and civilization of Spain. Areas of study include history, geography, politics, the arts, daily life, traditions, and cultural values.


Spanish Language House

Media such as newspapers, magazines, film, and television help focus regular discussions on current topics of concern to Hispanic society. Student journals are presented in both oral and written form. Spanish is used for all discussions and written work.


Spanish Language House

Media such as newspapers, magazines, film, and television help focus regular discussions on current topics of concern to Hispanic society. Student journals are presented in both oral and written form. Spanish is used for all discussions and written work.


Survey Spanish Literature II

Survey of the major movements, principal authors, and representative works in Spanish literature since 1700.


Readings in Spanish Literature

In-depth focus on a period, movement, author, or genre. Possible topics include: Spanish Picaresque Literature, Literature after the Spanish Civil War, Twentieth Century Spanish Drama, etc. May be repeated once with change of topic.


Studies in Hispanic Civ

Close examination of a particular aspect of Hispanic civilization through a variety of disciplinary perspectives and media. Critical assessment of phenomena of cultural importance in Spain and/or Latin America. May be repeated for credit with a change of instructor/topic.

I have an ongoing passion and enthusiasm for teaching the language, literature, and culture from my country in all its diversity, and I consider myself successful when my students share my enthusiasm and finish the course with a better understanding and a greater interest in the learning of a foreign language. In the classroom I try to create a relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to learning by establishing a good rapport with the students. I still challenge myself to find new ways to make difficult grammatical concepts understandable for students, and I create activities in the literature classes that will make the somewhat distant text in a foreign language connect with them. When I see that spark in some students, I feel we have communicated at a more deeper level than just the classroom setting where professor and students meet. It is truly a learning experience for both of us, and since I am a pe rennial learner, I am satisfied and comfortable when that exchange takes place.



  • "Els articles de Germanor de Francesc Trabal: llocs de memòria d'un exili,"( Francesc Trabal's articles in Germanor: lieux de mémoire of exile"), in El Exilio Republicano Español de 1939: Segunda generación, ed. Manuel Aznar Soler, Biblioteca del Exilio, Editorial Renacimiento, Sevilla (Spain) ( January 2012)
  • "El diàleg amb el lector: jocs narratius a Ulleres de sol de Maria Barbal." Catalan Review 16.1-2 (2002)
  • Review of the the translation ofSelected Poems by Salvador Espriu translated from the Catalan by Louis Rodrigues. Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1997. Catalan Review 12.1 (1999)
  • Review of Freud y el alma humana by Bruno Bettelheim. Barcelona: Crítica, 1983. Cuadernos de Traducción e Interpretación 4 (1984): 199-201
  • "Un Mar contaminado" (On the translation of a story by Montserrat Roig). Cuadernos de Traducción e Interpretación 1 (1982): 44-5. In collaboration with T. Perramon



  • Míquel Martí i Pol. Vacation Notebook (Quadern de vacances). New York: Lang Press, 1995
  • Richard Russo. Mohawk. Barcelona: Columna ed., 1988
  • Elisabeth Heck / Sita Jucker. L'ovella negra (Das andere Schaf). Barcelona: Cruïlla, 1986
  • Max Bolliger / Stepan Zavrel. Nans i Gegants (Die Riesenberge). Barcelona: Cruïlla, 1986
  • Vladimir Skutina / Marie José Sacre. On viu el temps (Wo die Zeit wohnt). Barcelona: Cruïlla, 1986.


  • Translations of around 30 poems from the Catalan of Miquel Martí I Pol with Wayne Cox in journals such as: Poetry, Shenandoah, Southern Humanities Review, Catalan Review, and Metamorphoses. Most recent poem published: Miquel Martí i Pol. "Two Old Men Who Are Climbing the Stairs."( Lourdes Manyé and Wayne Cox, Translators) Inventory. 1.1 (2010): pp. 114-115

Articles and scripts:

  • Script of documentary: Miquel Martí i Pol, the voice of the people, in Written landscapes of the Vic Plain: Verdaguer and Martí I Pol, DVD, executive producer: Eumo Editorial, April 2009
  • Miquel Barceló. "La Almería del Siglo XV". Andarax 24 (1982)
  • Fernando Valls. "S. Vázquez de Parga, Los mitos de la novela criminal." Análisis. Cuadernos de Comunicación y Cultura 7 (1983)
  • Fernando Valls. "V. Brunori, Sueños y mitos de la literatura de masas." Análisis 7 (1983)
  • Peter Newmark. "La enseñanza de la traducción especializada." Cuadernos de Traducción e Interpretación 7 (1985)
  • Raymond McCurdy. "Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla". Historia y Crítica de la literatura española
  • vol. III, B.W. Wardropper. Siglo de Oro: Barroco. Barcelona: Crítica, 1983
  • Translation of articles for the Unesco Courier. (Jan.-June 1987)
  • Translator of screenplays and documentaries for the Television of Catalunya (TV3)—Barcelona (Spain). 1983-1988


  • "The Translator as Interlocutor: The Experience of Translating Miquel Martí i Pol" at the 14th International Colloquium of the North American Catalan Society at the University of Toronto, Canada., May 24-26, 2013
  • "'El regreso': En busca de la memoria identitaria en dos cuentos del exilio de Francisco Ayala y Martin de Ugalde" at SAMLA (South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference) at Durham,NC. ,Nov 9, 2012
  • "Momentos de iluminación: de la pintura a la escritura en cuentos de Manuel Rivas" at the Carolina Conference on Romance Languages at UNC-Chapel Hill. ,March 23, 2012
  • Bilingual poetry reading of translations of the poet Martí I Pol with co-translator Wayne Cox at Temple University, Philadelphia, May 7, 2010
  • Session chair and moderator in the session titled: "Art and Historic Memory," at the 13th International Colloquium of the North American Catalan Society at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA., May 5-9, 2010.
University of South Carolina
University of South Carolina
University of South Carolina
Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

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