Major Requirements Furman University

When you major in a modern foreign language at Furman, you may choose to concentrate in Chinese, French, German Studies, Japanese or Spanish. French, German Studies, and Spanish are majors in the department of Modern Languages and Literatures, while the Chinese and Japanese courses in MLL contribute to the majors in these languages under the auspices of the department of Asian Studies.

As a modern languages and literatures major, you will enroll in at least one course in your major language during both your junior and senior years. You will also be strongly encouraged to participate in a study away program before your senior year.

French major

A major normally consists of at least eight courses beyond FRN-201 and usually includes:

  • FRN-214, 215, 331, 332, 333
  • At least three more courses numbered 215 or greater in French including at least one course numbered 400 or greater

    German Studies major

    The German Studies major normally consists of eight courses beyond GRM-201 and must include:

    • GRM-215 or 301
    • GRM-220 or 320
    • At least six of the following courses: GRM-305, 332, 335, 336, 337, 405, 414, 415, 430, 466

    On occasion, special topics courses are offered that also satisfy the requirements for the major.

    Two of the following courses may be substituted for two of the six courses listed above: HST-206, 211, PSC-221, PHL-315 and 317.

    Spanish major

    The Spanish major normally consists of at least eight courses beyond SPN-201 and usually includes:

    • SPN-215 and 270
    • two civilization courses: SPN-220, 240, 320 or 350
    • two language or linguistics courses: SPN-300, 301, 304, 305 or 306
    • one literature survey course: SPN-310, 331, 332, 340 or 361 
    • one more literature course numbered between 410 and 475 in Spanish, and
    • one additional course numbered 400 or greater in the discipline.

    English for speakers of other languages concentration

    To satisfy the requirements for the concentration in English for speakers of other languages, students must complete five or more courses from at least three different discipline prefixes (AST, CHN, ENG, LNG, etc…) to include:

    • EDU-501, ENG-362, LNG-210, MLL-350
    • Two more courses from at least two of the four groups listed below:
      • A core experience: LNG-210
      • A second course in linguistics: AST-270​, ENG-362, FRN-405, GRM-405, LNG-220, 230, 250,405, SPN-300
      • At least three more courses from any of these five groups:
        • Cultural analysis: Together, the student and concentration advisor decide upon a cultural course that connects to the language of study
        • Methods for teaching and/or internship: EDU-503, MLL-050, 350, 501, SPN-503, 505 
        • Analysis of English: ENG-361, 362, 401, 501
        • linguistic analysis: LNG-220, 230, 240, 250, 405, 504
        • Analysis of modern languages: AST-270, CHN-404, 504, CLS-504, FRN-405, 504, GRM-405, 504, JPN-504, MLL-221, SPN-300, 400, 504

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