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May Experience Initial Survey - Survey Monkey Website

May Experience Follow-Up Survey - Survey Monkey Website

May Experience Social Events Survey - Survey Monkey Website

Dining Hall Hours During May X

For dining availabilty and locations, check the Dining Services website.

Student Health Services Hours During May X

Check the Health Services website for additional information and hours during May Experience.

What is the May Experience?

  • An optional three-week term following spring commencement
  • An assortment of engaging academic experiences that allow faculty and students to explore topics of mutual interest
  • A new part of Furman's academic program that offers courses unique in content, class activities, and scheduling
  • Not courses offered during the Fall or Spring terms
  • Not course that fulfill Core and Global Awareness Requirements
  • Not courses required for a major
  • Not independent studies
  • An opportunity to earn two credits and, for some course, to earn concentration credit or take an elective in a major
  • A chance to participate in a shorter study away experience – domestic or international – than is possible during the Fall and Spring terms
  • An opportunity to pursue instruction in research methods before a summer research project

What are the costs involved for May Experience?

Like many programs at Furman, May Experience is an enrichment opportunity available to all students and thus covered under the comprehensive tuition fee for full-time students. We anticipate that a substantial number of students will participate in the May Experience program at some time during their Furman careers.

  • On-campus housing will be available (student responsible for housing costs). Please view the housing website for more detailed information.
  • Students participating in study away courses will pay a fee to cover travel costs.
  • Students are responsible for paying for books and dining services.

Who can register?

Enrollment in May Experience courses is available to all students admitted as degree-seeking undergraduates at Furman. If you are interested in enrolling for May Experience, but have not been admitted to the undergraduate program you must complete a non-degree seeking student application available from the Registrar's Office.

What courses can I take?

Students may enroll in no more than a single two-credit May Experience in any given year. Plan now to speak with instructors who will be leading the experiences and your advisor. Both sources can provide you with some critical information and some insights into what May Experience might make sense for your academic goals.

You must also be cleared by your advisor before you can take action on any enrollment request, electronically or otherwise, for the May Experience. Remember too, some experiences will require the completion of pre-requisite courses or may be enrolled on an invitation-only basis.

What do I need to do to register?

All students may use the CAP (Course Adjustment Processing) tools available via the ARMS for students menu to register for May Experience. Follow the instructions provided on-line to navigate your way through the process.

You may also use paper-based enrollment requests to get yourself registered for May Experience. In fact, for some experiences (courses requiring instructor or department permission) this will be the only acceptable method. If you need or want to use this route, you should complete the enrollment request in full. Your written request is important to ensure that we take action on your enrollment exactly as you instruct. For your convenience, a .pdf version of the enrollment request is available for you to print, complete, and submit.

Where do I register?

Using the CAP tools, you can register from anywhere you can sustain a connection to ARMS. On the other hand, paper enrollment requests may be submitted in a variety of ways. You can deliver your request directly to the Registrar's Office in the Administration Building, Room 004. If you can't make it to campus, fax or mail your request. Reach us by fax at (864) 294-3551 or mail:

    Furman University
    Registrar's Office
    3300 Poinsett Highway
    Greenville, SC 29613

When can I register?

Check the Registrar's Important Dates calendar for exact dates of registration. Students may use the CAP (Course Adjustment Processing) tools to register once registration begins. Seating in courses is on a first-come, first-serve basis. You should be mindful that courses can be cancelled for lack of enrollment if we don’t know about your interest. Initial enrollments requests processed after open registration closes will be subject to a $100 late registration fee.

Can I change which May Experience I will participate in once I've already registered?

You can change your May Experience, using CAP or a paper enrollment request, through the second day of the experience. Enrollment in courses is closed at the end of the second class day. You are permitted to withdraw from courses through the eighth class day; a "W" mark will be posted on your permanent academic record indicating your withdrawal.

What about auditing, pass-fail grading and other academic regulations?

You may enroll for a May Experience course on a zero credit basis by registering as an auditor. You can register to audit courses until the second class day. Be sure to complete an audit request if you will avail yourself of this option.
You may also elect a pass-no pass grading option for a May Experience course that you have already registered, consistent with the pass-fail policy as stated in the University Catalog. The deadline for declaring a pass-fail grading option in a qualifying course is at the conclusion of the eighth class day.
May Experience courses operate on the same academic principles as any other instruction at Furman. Consequently, the same academic regulations apply. Please refer to the University Catalog for more detail.


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