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We offer three distinct variations on the mathematics major: Mathematics, Computing and Applied Mathematics, and Mathematics-Economics.

Mathematics major

Our traditional Mathematics major studies the essentials of higher mathematics, including calculus, linear algebra, and analysis. Electives can include modern geometry, graph theory, differential equations, operations research, combinatorics, and calculus-based probability and statistics.

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To graduate with a major in Mathematics, a student must earn at least a 2.00 grade point average for all mathematics courses in which he or she enrolled (excluding MTH-110, 241, 301, and 302). A major usually consists of 11 courses beyond MTH-150 and must include:

  • MTH-250 and 260
  • MTH-350 or 450
  • MTH-360 or 460
  • At least seven more of the following: MTH-151, 160, 235, 255, 320, 325, 330, 335, 340, 341, 350, 360, 420, 450, 451, 460, 461, or 504

If you’re planning to do graduate work in mathematics, the department strongly recommends that, in addition to the four required courses, your major should include MTH-255, 450, 451, 460, and 461.

If you’re planning to teach mathematics in secondary schools, you must complete a major in mathematics in order to be certified. In addition to the four required courses, the major must include MTH-255, 325, 340, 341, 450, and 460. You will also have to successfully complete EDU-111, 120, 221, 350, 455, 460, 472, and EDEP-670 in addition to the prescribed courses in the major. Requirements for certification (teaching internship) will be completed on a post-baccalaureate, graduate credit basis, with the student becoming eligible for certification at the end of fall term following graduation. Refer to the Education section of the course catalog for specific requirements for admission to the Teacher Education Program and other pertinent information.

For students planning a mathematics-related career in government service, business, or industry, the department strongly recommends that, in addition to the four required courses, the major also include MTH-255, 335, 340, 341, 350, and at least two courses from MTH-450, 451, or 460. The department also recommends at least one course from CSC-231, 461, or 465.

Computing and Applied Mathematics major

Our Computing and Applied Mathematics major gives students the opportunity to combine the fundamentals of advanced mathematics with the building blocks of computer science to develop an area of expertise that is applicable to the real world and desirable to many employers. This major includes core courses in mathematics and computer science, a proof-based course to explore logical structures and arguments, in-depth experiences to learn about advanced topics in both subjects, and elective courses focused on techniques of mathematics and computer science that are applicable to other disciplines. This major provides a good foundation for students who want to pursue graduate studies in applied mathematics or computer science as well as those interested in working in a variety of quantitative careers.

To graduate with a major in Computing and Applied Mathematics, you’ll need at least a 2.00 grade point average for all computer science courses and mathematics courses (excluding MTH-110, 241, 301, and 302).

Majors must successfully complete:
  • All courses in the core: CSC-105, 121, and 122, MTH-141 or 150, and MTH-151, 160, and 250
  • One proof-based course: CSC-261 or MTH-260
  • At least two of the following courses providing in-depth experiences: CSC-361, 363, 461, 502, MTH-330, 340, 360, 450, or 460
  • At least two of the following courses focusing on the application of computing or mathematics: CSC-341, 343, 344, 345, 465, MTH-235, 255, 335, or 341

The four courses meeting the requirements for in-depth experiences and the application of computing and mathematics must be evenly divided between CSC and MTH, two in each discipline.

Mathematics-Economics major

Studying a combination of mathematics and economics prepares you for a variety of careers that use statistical analysis and economic modeling, including finance, accounting, business administration, and market research. This major combines our core advanced mathematics curriculum with courses in empirical methods and macro and microeconomic analysis, along with a senior economics seminar driven by your research. We also recommend taking some additional computer science courses.

To graduate with a major in Mathematics-Economics, you’ll need at least a 2.00 grade point average for all economics courses and mathematics courses (excluding MTH-110, 241, 301, and 302).

Majors must successfully complete:
  • ECN-111, 475
  • ECN-331, 345 and 346 completed on-campus
  • at least one more economics course numbered 201 or greater, excluding ECN-225 and 503,
  • MTH-151, 160, 250
  • any two of these four courses: MTH-260, 340, 341 or 450, and
  • at least one more upper-level mathematics course from the following: MTH-235, 255, 260, 335, 340, 341, 360, or 450

Students seeking the B.S. degree must also complete:

  • at least two more courses from the following: BIO-111, 221, 322, CHM-110, 115, 120, EES-110, 112, 113, PHY-111, 112, PSY-320 or SUS-120

Mathematics-Economics majors are also advised to enroll in CSC-121 and 465.

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