SCJAS / WCACS Fall 2012 Workshop

Session Descriptions

Student and Teacher Workshops

Forensic Science
Have you ever wondered how evidence is analyzed in a crime lab? Join us for a fun-filled 
workshop in which you are the forensic scientist and your job is to find the guilty suspect 
based on the evidence presented in your case study.

It's Not Brain Surgery (Sheep Brain Dissection)
Ever wonder what a real brain looks like? Or feels like? Explore how the brain is built and works
using a real sheep brain.        
Shark Dissection
A hands-on activity involving the study of the external and internal anatomy of the dogfish shark.

Forensic Anthropology: Whose Bone is It
Students turn into “bone detectives” as they analyze human skeletal remains to solve “missing
persons” mystery. Possible age, sex, and race of bone remains are determined using simple tools.

Chemistry Olympiad Lab Practicum I (Qualitative Analysis)
Chemistry Olympiad Lab Practicum II (Gas Laws and Stoichiometry)
Chemistry Olympiad Lab Practicum III (Gravimetric Analysis)
Using past ACS sponsored Chemistry Olympiad regional lab tests, up to 6 teams (comprised of 3 
students and/or teachers) will design and complete an experiment, and report their results based 
upon a novel chemistry lab problem. The final 15 minutes of sessions will allow Furman chemistry 
majors to guide a discussion of the collective (multi-team) results. 

Creativity, Innovation and Design: Conducting and Presenting a Competitive Science Fair Project
This workshop will present ideas and tips on how to develop a good research project. INTEL
International Science and Engineering Fair guidelines, examples of past winning projects as well 
as projects that had weaknesses or were disqualified will be discussed. Also a list of science fair
Do's and Don'ts of the judging process will be shared.

Research Connections to the HS Curriculum 
With a focus on nano-materials, local science faculty will engage and entertain the audience while connecting their research (and nanotechnology more broadly) to the HS curriculum.

Planetarium Show

Instrumental Techniques in Chemistry
Quantitative Elemental Analysis by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry 
(ICP-AES). Demonstration of highly specific multi-element water analysis.

Chemistry and Art
Two hands-on activities will be explored as examples of the connections to be made between
chemistry and art. Indigo will be synthesized and used to dye hemp and/or cotton fabric (organic  
chemistry connections). Explore electrochemistry through the “coloring” of Titanium strips and 
Niobium wire.

Solving Problems with Maps: Hands-on Session Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software
Hands-on session using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to make maps that help
solve complex problems.

Teacher Focused Workshops (Professional Development)

Forensic Science (PD)
Forensic Science can be a great course/topic for motivating students and encouraging
collaboration among them. Also, inquiry methods, application and relevance of previous 
scientific-based knowledge, and awareness of current events/topics can be addressed by
incorporating forensic science into your curriculum. This workshop for teachers is designed 
to share examples and provide ideas of how to incorporate forensic science into your class 
or start a new course at your school.

Learning About the Brian Through Hands-on Study (PD)
Explore how to dissect and explain the structure and function of the brain using a real sheep brain.

Electrochemistry in the HS Curriculum (PD)
Local chemistry teacher Brian Corbett (Southside HS; Greenville) will briefly
review "electrochem" concepts taught in the HS curriculum and lead attendees in conducting some
hands-on activities to reinforce these concepts.  Teachers will have the opportunity to request
kits (supplies) to connect the workshop activities to their own instruction.

Polymers and Thermodynamics in the HS Curriculum (PD)
Local chemistry teacher Ray Tedder (Dorman HS; Spartanburg) will share "best practice"
examples of introducing and teaching polymers in the HS curriculum.  Hands-on activities will be
explored and teachers will have the opportunity to head back to their school with kits (supplies) to
incorporate these activities in their own classroom.

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