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After receiving my Ph.D. from the University of Texas I was Director of Research for the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse cardiac rehabilitation program and lecturer in the Physical Education department for 3 years. Following the University of Wisconsin, I spent 8 years at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine where I was an Associate Professor of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. I was appointed as the department head of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine during my last year there. Currently, I am a Professor of Health Sciences and Director of the Molnar Human Performance Laboratory here at Furman University. I have been a faculty member at Furman University since 1987.

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Wellness Concepts

Wellness concepts which promote lifetime fitness and healthy lifestyle habits. Topics include: aerobic and muscular conditioning, nutrition, and medical aspects of fitness. Participation in activities to develop cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility.


Analysis of Human Performance

Laboratory techniques for the assessment of the anatomical, cardiorespiratory, neuromuscular and anthropometric components of human movement with an emphasis on the underlying physics and physiology of human motion.


Physiology of Exercise

Concepts and laboratory experiments concerning the mechanisms by which the human body functions, with special reference to the effects of acute and chronic exercise. Not open to freshmen.



Study of living systems in motion. Structured around classic mechanics. Evaluating human motion by the methods of kinematics and kinetics. Topics include: the work-energy theorem, Archimedes146 principle, Bernoulli146s law and others that govern human motion. Laboratory exercises developed to bridge the gap between lecture materials and real world applications.


Graded Exercise Test Practicum

Practicum experience in laboratory for assessing cardiac and respiratory function, exercise capacity, body structure and composition via techniques of electrocardiography, impedance cardiography, spirometry, graded exercise testing, anthropometry, densitometry, etc.


Physiology of Aging

Physiological basis of changes that occur during the aging process from the cellular to the whole animal level. Demography, evolutionary and mechanistic theories of aging, physiological changes, and the role of physical activity, nutrition, and disease during the aging process.

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Primarily related to human performance and biomechanics of running. Most recent research has been with special populations, including Parkinson’s and traumatic brain injury subjects, and their response to intensive resistive exercise training.

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