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Since finishing up my PhD work in Bioengineering at Clemson University in 2011, I am very happy to make Furman my new home. I first worked with the Health Science Department through gait analysis research with Dr. Ray Moss in the Molnar Human Performance Lab. We conducted a validation study comparing a novel portable inertial sensor gait analysis system to the camera-based Qualysis system as a means of analyzing three-dimensional knee function during walking. Now that I am at Furman, research partnerships with Clemson continue as we focus on several research projects including studying strength-training applications with a dynamic weight lifting bar. We are currently comparing the predicted motion of a mathematical model to the actual motion of the flexible bar. Comparisons will also be made to the standard steel bar. Through empirical comparisons, in coordination with the strength coaches from both Furman and other leading institutions, we plan on optimizing the design of the flexible bar based on both material properties and geometry.

We are also conducting research based on the biomechanics and muscle fatigue associated with cycling economy. From a mechanical standpoint of cycling, only the tangential force applied to the crank arm contributes to forward motion, yet typical forces on pedals during the pedaling have significant radial force contributions. The lower body must move the pedal through a circle by a combination of the use of extensors and flexors. Thanks in part to the contributions of Dr. Steve Kautz at MUSC, we will be able to use pedal force measurement equipment to measure the tangential and radial components of forces during cycling. We are focusing on training adaptations associated with feedback systems in order to further characterize cycling and running economy in terms of maximizing mechanical efficiency. These systems will also be beneficial in teaching real-life applications to kinesiology students.

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Can Humans Fly?

Students will explore the fundamentals of flight through observations in the natural world and experimentation in order to understand the invention of human flight. Analysis from experimentation with the characteristics of flight will ground discussion on the meaning of a scientific discovery including its implications and consequences.


Wellness Concepts

Wellness concepts which promote lifetime fitness and healthy lifestyle habits. Topics include: aerobic and muscular conditioning, nutrition, and medical aspects of fitness. Participation in activities to develop cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility.



Study of living systems in motion. Structured around classic mechanics. Evaluating human motion by the methods of kinematics and kinetics. Topics include: the work-energy theorem, Archimedes146 principle, Bernoulli146s law and others that govern human motion. Laboratory exercises developed to bridge the gap between lecture materials and real world applications.

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In Preparation

  • Hutchison, R., Desjardins, J., Benson, L. Use of Situated Cognition and Constructivist Theories to teach Movement Science and Biomechanics . ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, Louisville, KY 2011
  • Hutchison, R., Benson, L. Assessing Dynamic Transfer of Biomechanics Knowledge Using the Teaching Interview, Journal of Engineering Education
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  • Hutchison, R., Benson, L. Using a Simulated Gait Cycle on a Robotic Arm for Inertial Measurement Unit Validation, Journal of Biomechanics
  • Biomechanics of cycling as a rehabilitation tool and measure of human performance
  • Knowledge Transfer - How students activate and use their knowledge to solve new problems
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