•  ENG-111 Texts and Meaning
   •  ENG-150 Interpretive Strategies
   •  ENG-210 Advanced Composition
   •  ENG-211 Professional Communication
   •  ENG-212 Journalism Principles and Practice
   •  ENG-213 Investigative Reporting
   •  ENG-214 Immersion Journalism: Reading As Writers
   •  ENG-215 Writing for Film and Television
   •  ENG-220 Writing Poems
   •  ENG-221 Writing Fiction
   •  ENG-223 Writing Nonfiction
   •  ENG-225 Writing with Writers
   •  ENG-227 Making Comics: Form and Craft = Product
   •  ENG-239 Art of Travel Writing
   •  ENG-242 Environmental Writing
   •  ENG-243 Fantasy and Science Fiction
   •  ENG-251 Medieval Arthurian Literature
   •  ENG-253 Altered States in Victorian Literature
   •  ENG-301 Late 14th Century English Literature
   •  ENG-302 Literature of Early Modern Britain
   •  ENG-303 Early Modern Drama
   •  ENG-304 English Literature of Restoration and 18th Century
   •  ENG-305 British Romantic Literature
   •  ENG-306 Victorian Literature and Culture
   •  ENG-307 Literature Before Print
   •  ENG-308 Renaissance Epic
   •  ENG-309 Nature in South Asian Literature
   •  ENG-310 Studies in Fictional Histories
   •  ENG-311 Early American Literature
   •  ENG-312 Emerson to Dickinson
   •  ENG-320 Eighteenth Century Novel
   •  ENG-321 Victorian Novel
   •  ENG-322 Modern British Novel
   •  ENG-323 Global Novel Since 1960
   •  ENG-325 Global Issues in Literature
   •  ENG-331 American Novel to World War I
   •  ENG-332 American Novel Since World War I
   •  ENG-340 Early Modern Drama
   •  ENG-342 Drama in London
   •  ENG-343 Drama at Stratford-upon-Avon
   •  ENG-345 Travel Study in the British Isles
   •  ENG-351 Modern Poetry
   •  ENG-352 Experimental Poetries
   •  ENG-355 Religious Poetry in English
   •  ENG-361 History of English Language
   •  ENG-362 English Language: How It Works
   •  ENG-365 New Approaches to Conservatism
   •  ENG-367 South Asian Travel Writing
   •  ENG-368 Film and Visual Culture in South Asia
   •  ENG-369 Gender in South Asian Literature and Film
   •  ENG-371 Mystery and Detective Fiction
   •  ENG-372 Studies in Short Fiction
   •  ENG-373 Medical and Scientific Culture in Film
   •  ENG-374 Stardom and Identity
   •  ENG-375 Screening Film Noir
   •  ENG-376 Shakespeare on Film
   •  ENG-377 Studies in the Essay
   •  ENG-401 Studies in Chaucer
   •  ENG-402 Shakespeare
   •  ENG-403 Faulkner
   •  ENG-404 Major Figures in Early Modern British Literature
   •  ENG-405 Gothic Literature
   •  ENG-406 Religious Poetry in English
   •  ENG-411 Satire
   •  ENG-412 Autobiography
   •  ENG-415 Studies in Contemporary American Literature
   •  ENG-417 Experimental Poetries
   •  ENG-418 Shakespeare's Europe and England's Renaissance
   •  ENG-420 Animals in Medieval Literature and Culture
   •  ENG-422 Literature of the South​

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