Major Requirements Asian Studies Furman University

Our department offers a broad interdisciplinary major in Asian Studies and more focused studies with majors in Chinese Studies and Japanese Studies.

Asian Studies

Students majoring in Asian Studies must complete ten courses, including:

  • AST-300,
  • at least three courses in a single Asian language at Furman or three non-language Asian Studies courses,
  • at least five other foundations or advanced courses from two or more academic disciplines, and
  • AST-470.

The foundations or advanced courses contributing to the major requirements may not all focus on a single country.

Language, foundations and advanced courses include
  • Language courses
      CHN-110 Elementary Chinese I
      CHN-120 Elementary Chinese II
      CHN-201 Intermediate Chinese I
      CHN-202 Intermediate Chinese II
      CHN-301 Intermediate Chinese III
      CHN-302 Intermediate Chinese IV
      CHN-401 Advanced Chinese I
      CHN-402 Advanced Chinese II
      CHN-403 Chinese through Film and Media
      CHN-404 Classical Chinese
      JPN-110 Elementary Japanese I
      JPN-120 Elementary Japanese II
      JPN-201 Intermediate Japanese I
      JPN-202 Intermediate Japanese II
      JPN-301 Intermediate Japanese III
      JPN-302 Intermediate Japanese IV
      JPN-401 Advanced Japanese I
      JPN-402 Advanced Japanese II
      JPN-403 Advanced Japanese III
      JPN-404 Advanced Japanese IV
  • Foundations courses
      ANT-204 Modern Japanese Society through Films
      ANT-205 Japanese Popular Culture
      ANT-209 Gender in East Asia
      ANT-210 Anthropology of China
      ART-263 Arts of Japan
      AST-211 Media in Asia
      AST-220 Ramayana
      AST-221 South Asian Music and Popular Culture
      AST-225 Premodern Literature of India
      AST-250 Human Development in Contemporary Asia
      AST-255 Poverty, Gender and Development in India
      AST-260 Environment and Health in India
      AST-270 Languages of Asia
      CHN-220 Survey of Chinese Culture
      CHN-225 Chinese Film
      CHN-230 Survey of Chinese Literature
      CHN-235 Classic Chinese Fiction
      CHN-240 Chinese Civilization
      CHN-245 Twentieth Century Chinese Literature
      CHN-246 Twentieth Century Chinese Popular Fiction
      HST-155 Ancient and Early South Asia
      HST-156 Modern South Asia
      HST-161 Ancient and Early Japan
      HST-162 Modern Japan
      HST-165 Ancient and Imperial China
      HST-166 Modern China
      JPN-225 Japanese Cinema
      JPN-235 Classical Japanese Literature
      JPN-245 Modern Japanese Literature
      PHL-220 Realizing Bodymind
      PHL-230 Indian Philosophy
      PHL-240 Chinese Philosophy
      PHL-250 Japanese Philosophy
      PSC-226 Politics of China
      PSC-229 Politics of Asia
      REL-223 Hindu Cultures and Religious Worlds
      REL-224 Introduction to Buddhism
      REL-227 Religions of South Asia
  • Advanced courses
      CHN-320 Travel Study in Chinese Culture
      ECN-243 Economic Growth and Development
      ECN-249 Asian Economics
      ECN-251 Economics of China
      ENG-309 Nature in South Asian Literature
      ENG-369 Gender in South Asian Literature and Film
      ENG-471 South Asian Cultural Studies Literature and Film
      HST-256 Gender History of South Asia
      HST-262 Japanese Social Movements during the Cold War
      HST-350 Travel Study in China
      HST-355 Travel Study in India
      REL-325 Women and Power in Hinduism
      REL-327 East Asian Buddhism

Chinese Studies

Students majoring in Chinese Studies must complete at least eight courses, including:

  • at least three Chinese language courses beyond CHN-201,
  • at least four more courses focusing on China which include: ANT-210, AST-470, CHN-220, 225, 230, 235, 245, 246, 320, 403, 404, ECN-251, HST-165, 166, 268, 350, PHL-240, 325, PSC-226, 243 or a first year seminar with a topical focus on China, and
  • CHN-470.

Two courses contributing to the major requirements must have a prefix other than CHN.

Japanese Studies

Students majoring in Japanese Studies must complete at least eight courses, including:

  • at least three Japanese language courses beyond JPN-201,
  • at least four more courses focusing on Japan which include: ANT-204, 205, 263, AST-470, HST-161, 162, 262, JPN-225, 235, 245, PHL-220, 250, or a first year seminar with a topical focus on Japan, and
  • JPN-470.

Two courses contributing to the major requirements must have a prefix other than JPN.

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