Course Descriptions Furman University

101 Art for Non-Art Majors
Introductory studio course providing an in-depth hands-on experience for non-art majors to include a variety of two dimensional and/or three dimensional media and techniques. 4 credits.

105 Art and the Community
Public art focusing on encouraging creative, research, design and practice outside the gallery setting. Exploration of public art in its many manifestations which can include site specific projects, contemporary memorials, political actions, community-based projects, environmental, temporary, ephemeral and permanent projects. May Experience ONLY. 2 credits.

111 Visual Language I
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Fundamentals of two-dimensional design explored through lectures and class projects with an integration of graphic design as a problem-solving tool. Conceptual development and the formal elements of design are introduced which include type, image and creative software. Students will explore design elements and principles through traditional media and software exercises. 4 credits.

112 Visual Language II
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Study of the elements and principles of three-dimensional design. Lectures and projects explore concepts for working in the three-dimensional format. 4 credits.

113 Visual Language III
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Theory of color with painting principles and techniques. Exploration of color relationships based on Johannes Itten’s seven areas of chromatic contrasts. Theory will be used in specific exercises and in paintings from direct observation that implement defined color theory concepts. 4 credits.

124 Drawing
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Study of drawing, including the elements of art and composition, with extensive exercises from direct observation, including one- and two-point perspective. A variety of drawing media are explored. 4 credits.

125 Drawing II
Prerequisite: ART-124
More drawing study with emphasis on anatomy and the human figure. 4 credits.

130 History of Western Art I
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Survey of Western Art through the Middle Ages, including style, iconography, and cultural context. 4 credits.

131 History of Western Art II
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Survey of Western art from the Renaissance to the present, considering style, iconography, cultural context. 4 credits.

200 Ceramics I
Prerequisite: ART-113 and ART-124
Methods and processes of forming clay, with an emphasis on hand building and basic wheel work. Surface enrichment with be studied through utilization of various glazes and colorants. 4 credits.

201 Ceramics II
Prerequisite: ART-200
More ceramics study. Emphasis on wheel throwing. Vessel design, aesthetics, and function are stressed in constructing forms including in-depth exploration of surface treatment, glazing, decorating and firing. 4 credits.

202 Book Arts
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Prerequisite: ART-113 and ART-125
Exploring book arts as a form of creative expression. Traditional and nontraditional binding methods will enable students to develop new skills and to adapt them into a personal statement. 4 credits.

203 Painting I
Introduction to painting materials and techniques incorporating design, color and drawing. Problems in pictorial composition with emphasis on skills and approaches pertinent to the medium of oil paint. 4 credits.

204 Painting II
Prerequisite: ART-113 and ART-124
Continued study of compositional and color ideas with an emphasis on thematic painting problems such as color and light. Work from direct observation, including that of the human form. Emphasis will be placed on abstract concepts and the development of personal idiom and imagery. 4 credits.

205 Photography I
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Prerequisite: ART-111
Introductory black-and-white photography course encouraging visual communication, personal expression and an introduction to photo history. Technical components include camera operation, film processing, and darkroom printing. 4 credits.

206 Photography II
Prerequisite: ART-205
More photography study. Introductory color photography via digital imaging. Advanced black-and-white darkroom techniques such as creating exhibition-quality fiber prints and alternative process print toning. Discussion of presentation issues and medium format cameras. 4 credits.

207 Printmaking I
Prerequisite: ART-111 or ART-124
Introduction to screen, etching and block printing materials and techniques incorporating design, color, drawing and computer software. Problems in composition with emphasis on skills and approaches pertinent to the mediums. 4 credits.

210 Sculpture II
Prerequisite: ART-112
Continuation of sculpture sequence with emphasis on variety of sculptural processes, including modeling, carving and casting. 4 credits.

215 Study Away Photography
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Introduction to photography with emphasis on photojournalism. Technical issues such as composition, camera controls, history and ethics of documentary photography will be discussed. Assignments introduce working methods in the field, and post-production printing in the digital lab. 4 credits.

220 Graphic Design I
Basic principles and techniques of visual language as they apply to graphic design, typography, composition, visual perception. Emphasis on creative, problem-solving aspects of graphic design. 4 credits.

221 Graphic Design II
Prerequisite: ART-111
Study and exploration of graphic design as a creative and problem-solving tool of visual communication; translation of ideas and concepts into comprehensible visual language. 4 credits.

225 Digital Illustration
An opportunity to revisit existing visual issues of drawing while opening up new possibilities for expression. Covers the tools and techniques that Photoshop offers for digital illustration. Teaching students comprehensive knowledge of digital brushes, and layer settings, as well as print advertising and publishing industry standards for creative problem solving. 4 credits.

230 Arts of the Ancient World I: Egypt, Near East, Greece
Survey of the art and architecture of ancient Egypt from the Predynastic period through the New Kingdom, includes the Minoan and Cycladic cultures, ancient Mesopotamia, and ancient Greece from the Mycenaean era through the Hellenistic era. 4 credits.

231 Arts of the Ancient World II: Etruscans and Rome
Survey of the art and architecture of the ancient Etruscans and of Rome from the Republic through the Late Empire. 4 credits.

234 Early Christian and Byzantine Art
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Study of Christian art and architecture c. 100 - c. 500 A.D. in the lands of the western Roman Empire and of the art and architecture of the Byzantine Empire until its fall in 1453. Style, iconography and cultural context will be considered. 4 credits.

235 Art of Western Europe in the Middle Ages
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Study of art and architecture in Western Europe from c. 500 A.D. until the end of the Middle Ages. 4 credits.

236 Renaissance Art
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Study of art and architecture in Italy from c. 1300 to c. 1590 and art and architecture in Northern Europe from c. 1400 - 1500. Style, iconography, and cultural context considered. 4 credits.

237 Arts of Baroque & Rococo
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Art and architecture of the 17th and early 18th centuries in Western Europe. 4 credits.

240 Art Ed for Elementary School Teachers
Prerequisite: EDU-120 or PSY-201.
Junior and senior education majors ONLY. Introduction to art education and a child’s development in art. Emphasis on a variety of hands-on processes with appropriate teaching methods. Does not contribute to the art major. 4 credits.

245 Nineteenth Century Art
Prerequisite: ART-130
An examination of the radical transformations ocurring in painting and sculpture from 1780 through 1900 with a focus on the confrontations between traditional academic art, the emerging avant-garde and popular culture. Consideration of the cultural milieu of the 19th century as well as issues of iconography and aesthetics also addressed. 4 credits.

250 Modern Art 1800-1960
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Art and architecture from 1800-1960 in Western Europe and America. 4 credits.

251 Contemporary Art Since 1960
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
This survey covers major figures and developments in visual arts from the postmodern era, circa 1960 to the present. 4 credits.

252 Women and the Arts
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Historical survey that examines the role of women in Western art as art producers and consumers of art and how women have been represented (by both female and male artists). It will investigate the historical, cultural and social circumstances, and representations that helped to form their work and its reception. 4 credits.

254 History of Photography
Historical overview of the medium of photography from its inception in 1826 to present. Tracing photography146 path from scientific innovation and utilitarian tool, to its current status as both art object, and object of persuasion in contemporary society. Using images as visual evidence, analyzing how style and subject matter of photographs reflect the social movements and cultural values of the 19th and 20th century. 4 credits.

260 Arts of Pre-Columbian Society
GER: WC (World Cultures)
Survey of art and architecture of Pre-Columbian societies in Mesoamerica and South America. Consideration of style, iconography and aesthetics and of the functions of art and architecture within each culture. 4 credits.

261 Arts of African Societies
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts) and WC (World Cultures)
A survey of the arts of African societies across the continent, with emphasis on traditional arts. 4 credits.

263 Arts of Japan
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts) and WC (World Cultures)
Survey of Japanese art history from archaeology through 20th century with emphasis on the evolution of style in the context of religious, social and political change. 4 credits.

270 Art Conservation
Paintings are subject to damage and deterioration. Studying materials, tools, techniques and processes employed to conserve and protect paintings. Readings and discussions will be supplemented with on-site visits to conservation facilities. May Experience ONLY. 2 credits.

300 Ceramics and Sculpture III
Prerequisite: ART-201 and ART-210
Additional study of ceramics and sculpture. Advanced and complex problems in three-dimensional media including further development of methods and techniques used in developing a personal statement in student artwork. 4 credits.

301 Life Studies
Prerequisite: ART-125
Advanced work from the human figure in drawing, painting and/or sculpture. Emphasis on skills and techniques to facilitate personal expression. Complex visual problems using the figure as model will be a primary focus. 4 credits.

302 Painting III
Prerequisite: ART-204
Structured and independent work in painting media. Exposure to contemporary concepts and issues to stimulate advanced painting problems, varying techniques and use of media. Investigation of new and/or mixed media encouraged. 4 credits.

303 Photography III
Prerequisite: ART-206
Semester-long photo project focusing on the development of a visual narrative. Students identify and research a project, and create a cohesive body of photographs that form a comprehensive picture story. 4 credits.

320 Advertising Design
Prerequisite: ART-220
Focus on the organizational and creative aspects of graphic design relating to visual identity, product branding and campaigns. 4 credits.

321 Graphic Design III
Prerequisite: ART-221
Capstone course in graphic design sequence. Business of the visual communication; market strategies, proposals, budgets, contracts, production, planning, development, presentation, organization and practices of integrated design are explored. 4 credits.

322 Typography
Introduction to fundamentals of typography and typesetting; historical overview of typography with projects, readings, presentations. 4 credits.

330 Art Criticism
Prerequisite: at least two upper-level art history courses
Introduction to the history of art theory from ancient Greece to the present. The principles and practices of art criticism, with exercises in analytical and critical writing. 4 credits.

401 Studio Seminar
Prerequisite:ART-113, ART-124, ART-130, and ART-201, ART-204, ART-206, ART-210 or ART-221
The interpretation and criticism of contemporary art, with particular attention paid to the impact of social and political events on the visual arts. Students will identify a theme or idea within their media that will serve as the basis for the work presented in their senior exhibition. 4 credits.

501 Independent Study
Provides students the opportunity to work with an art-related business or organization under supervision of a faculty sponsor. The student develops guidelines and creates specific written objectives for the internship. At the conclusion of the internship the student produces a written journal and gives an oral summary to the faculty sponsor. Variable credit.

503 Individualized Internship
Investigation of a topic not duplicated among regular course offerings. REPEATABLE. Variable credit.​

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