The minor provides a methodology for exploring the ways gender shapes knowledge throughout the academy and society. As such, it is an important branch of interdisciplinary knowledge often ignored in conventional curricula. Courses in women's, gender, and sexuality studies examine not only women in specific contexts from multiple disciplinary perspectives, but also the various ways in which gender and sexuality shape human experience.

To satisfy the requirements for the minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, the student must complete:

  • WGS-230 or WGS-250, and
  • at least four courses in at least three different disciplines from the list below.

One first year seminar may contribute to the minor when the topic has been deemed appropriate by the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality oversight committee. A seminar applied to minor requirements will not be considered for disciplinary distribution purposes.

Courses equivalent to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality offerings completed elsewhere and independent study on an appropriate topic may contribute to the minor no more than once each and must be approved by the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality oversight committee.

On occasion, special topics courses are offered that also satisfy the requirements for the minor.

  • AST-255 Poverty, Gender & Development in India
  • ART-252 Women and the Arts
  • COM-323 Race, Gender, Class in the Media
  • COM-412 International Women’s Rhetoric
  • ECN-233 Economics of Gender
  • ENG-369 Gender in South Asian Literature and Film
  • ENG-374 Stardom and Identity
  • ENG-405 Gothic Literature
  • ENG-452 Literary Feminism
  • FYW-1148 Southern Women: Black and White
  • FYW-1159 Veils and Turbans: Genders and Modernities
  • FYW-1236 Thinking Sex: What's Love Got to Do With It
  • HST-215 Women in European History
  • HST-231 History of Women in America
  • HST-256 Gender History of South Asia
  • HST-309 Women, War and Resistance
  • PHL-212 Philosophy of Gender
  • PSC-212 Women and Politics
  • REL-323 Women, Gender, Islam
  • REL-325 Women and Power in Hinduism
  • REL-344 Black Liberation and Womanist Theologies
  • REL-360 Women and Religion in the West
  • REL-363 Religion and Sexuality
  • SOC-232 Sociology of Contemporary Families
  • SOC-242 Sociology of Gender
  • SPN-445 Latin American Women’s Literature
  • WGS-240 Women in Science

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