Many of the problems that will face humanity in the 21st century will be environmental. The expanding human population and dwindling supplies of oil, water and arable land could de-stabilize economic, political and social institutions.

Our minor offers 
a program of study that teaches you how the Earth functions as a system and supports life; how the growing human population is transforming this Earth system; the complex relationships between culture (social, political, religious, and economic systems) and the environment; and that solutions are constructed in this social context. The minor also provides
 a course experience in which students discover the interdisciplinary nature of environmental problem solving and work in teams to address environmental issues.

To satisfy the requirements for the minor in Environmental Studies, students must complete:

  • EES-112,
  • EST-301, and
  • at least four credits from each of the three groups listed below, eight of which must be above the introductory level and only four of which may contribute to the student’s major.

On occasion, special topics courses are offered that also satisfy the requirements for the minor.

Social Sciences

  • ANT-303 Cultural Ecology
  • AST-260 Environment and Health in India
  • BUS-312 Sustainable Corporation
  • ECN-234 Urban Economics
  • ECN-235 Population, Economy, and Society
  • ECN-236 Economics of the Environment
  • ECN-238 Public Finance
  • ECN-243 Economic Growth and Development
  • HSC-304 Community and Environmental Health
  • MXP-140 Just Eating: Considering Sustainable Food Practices
  • PSC-205 Public Policy in the United States
  • PSC-210 Interest Groups and Political Movements
  • PSC-213 Environmental Policy
  • PSC-214 Environmental Law and Conservation Advocacy
  • PSC-224 Politics of Africa
  • PSC-413 Conservation and Renewable Energy
  • SOC-221 Population, Economy, and Society
  • SOC-222 Population and Environment
  • SOC-251 Social Movements and Collective Behavior


  • ENG-242 Environmental Writing
  • PHL-208 Ethics
  • PHL-245 Environmental Ethics
  • PHL-304 Ethics of Globalization
  • REL-248 Religion and the Environment

Natural Sciences

  • BIO-102 Biology and the Environment
  • BIO-340 Ecology
  • BIO-341 Tropical Ecology
  • BIO-342 Field Studies in Tropical Ecology
  • BIO-343 Environmental Systems
  • BIO-344 African Ecology
  • BIO-430 Conservation Biology
  • CHM-101 Chemistry for Non-Science Majors: An Environmental Perspective
  • CHM-440 Environmental Chemistry
  • EES-201 Geographic Information Systems
  • EES-210 Surficial Processes
  • EES-230 Watershed Hydrology
  • EES-330 Hydrogeology
  • EES-343 Environmental Systems
  • EES-360 Geology and Sustainability of India
  • EES-410 Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics
  • PHY-104 Energy—of Man, Creation and Calories
  • SUS-120 Principles of Sustainability Science
  • SUS-242 Dynamic Systems Modeling

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