English is the “lingua franca” of the twenty-
first century. It has become the international language of business, science, technology, and travel and is the most widely learned second language in the world today.

Our minor will provide you with the opportunity to gain essential background knowledge, expertise and experience relevant not only for working with and assisting foreign nationals and immigrants both personally and professionally, but also for adult literacy development in the United States, teaching English overseas as a foreign language or in America as a second language.

To satisfy the requirements for the minor in English for Speakers of Other Languages, students must complete:

  • LNG-210
  • a second course in linguistics: AST-270, ENG-362, FRN-405, GRM-405, LNG-220, 230, 250, 405, SPN-300
  • three more courses from any of these five groups listed below

For course descriptions, see listings under individual departments in the course catalog. On occasion, special topics courses are offered that also satisfy the requirements for the minor.

Cultural analysis

A course selected in consultation with the minor advisor that addresses the culture associated with a specific language. For example, if a student is interested in working in China then one of several courses addressing aspects of Chinese culture might be considered as appropriate under this rubric.

Methods for Teaching and/or Internship

  • EDU-503 Non-Teaching Internship
  • MLL-050 Community Based Learning
  • MLL-350 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • MLL-501 Independent Study
  • SPN-503 Individualized Internship
  • SPN-505 Structured Internship

Analysis of English

  • ENG-361 History of English Language
  • ENG-362 English Language: How It Works
  • ENG-401 Studies in Chaucer
  • ENG-501 Independent Study

Linguistic Analysis

  • LNG-220 Linguistic Analysis
  • LNG-230 Language as Cultural Phenomenon
  • LNG-240 The Origin of Language
  • LNG-250 Second Language Learning and Acquisition
  • LNG-405 Introduction to Romance Linguistics
  • LNG-504 Directed Independent Study

Analysis of Modern Languages

  • AST-270 Languages of Asia
  • CHN-404 Classical Chinese
  • CHN-504 Directed Independent Study
  • CLS-504 Directed Independent Study
  • FRN-405 Introduction to French Linguistics
  • FRN-504 Directed Independent Study
  • GRM-405 Introduction to German Linguistics
  • GRM-504 Directed Independent Study
  • JPN-504 Directed Independent Study
  • MLL-221 Language and Identity: Spain
  • SPN-300 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
  • SPN-400 Advanced Studies in Hispanic Linguistics
  • SPN-504 Directed Independent Study

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