We offer courses in the languages and cultures of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. We offer majors in classics, Greek, Latin and participate in the Ancient Greek and Roman studies minor. Refer to the Ancient Greek and Roman studies sections for specific requirements.

Incoming freshmen and transfer students who have previously studied Latin should take a placement test in the language. Those who intend to continue study in Latin must take the placement test. The placement test determines the lowest level at which you may receive credit and where you must begin their study of the language at Furman. You may opt to begin a new language.

There is no placement test for ancient Greek. If you have studied Greek you must consult with the department chair to determine placement. You may not enroll an ancient language course through the pass-no pass grading option until you have satisfied the general education requirement in foreign language.

Classics Major

You must complete ten courses to earn your classics major: four courses specifically in the classics discipline; four courses numbered 201 or greater in Greek or Latin; and two courses numbered 201 or greater in the other ancient language. Independent study and special topics courses are not normally considered appropriate experiences for meeting major requirements.

Greek Major

You must complete eight courses including at least five courses from within the Greek discipline:

  • ART-230 Arts of the Ancient World I: Egypt, Near East, Greece
  • CLS-111 Introduction to Classics
  • CLS-120 Mythology
  • CLS-210 Introduction to Greek Archaeology
  • CLS-211 Classical Archaeology
  • CLS-220 Greek Civilization
  • CLS-221 Roman Civilization
  • CLS-230 Reading Greek Literature
  • CLS-231 Reading Latin Literature
  • CLS-320 Travel Study in Classical Civilizations
  • CLS-504 Directed Independent Study
  • GRK-310 Greek New Testament
  • GRK-320 Koine and Hellenistic Greek
  • GRK-331 Greek Epic
  • GRK-332 Greek Drama
  • GRK-333 Greek Prose
  • GRK-504 Directed Independent Study
  • HST-101 Ancient Europe and the Mediterranean

Latin Major

A major in Latin consists of eight courses beyond LTN-201 and must include:

  • LTN-202, and at least four of the following courses:
    • LTN-331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 401, 450 or 504
  • Up to three courses from the following may also contribute to the Latin major: CLS-111, 120, 211, 221, 220, 231, 230, 320 or 504

If you wish to pursue a career in teaching you must complete EDU-111, 120, 221, 350, 433, 434, 460, 472, EDEP-670, and LTN-450 in addition to the prescribed courses in the major. The requirements for certification will be completed on a post-baccalaureate, graduate credit basis, and you'll become eligible for certification at the end of fall term following graduation. Refer to the education section for specific requirements for admission to the Teacher Education Program.


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