Theatre Arts Course Descriptions Furman University

001 Theatre Practicum
Significant participation in the department's theatre productions as determined by the faculty, including, but not limited to, serving as a cast member, in stage management, as a crew head or as an assistant to a designer. 0 credit.

101 Introduction to Theatre
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Script analysis, dramatic structure, production styles, introductory overview of acting, directing, design, and technical elements of production. Participation in some phase of play production (backstage or onstage) or a creative project is part of the course. 4 credits.

111 Introduction to Acting
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Training in the basic element of the actor's craft. Exploration of the study and practice of realistic acting principles. Work will center on modern scene study, exercises and observation. No credit for students who have previously successfully completed THA-120. 4 credits.

112 Makeup
Principles of makeup design for theatre based upon play reading and script analysis. Techniques of application limited to the painterly approach and beginning three-dimensional techniques. Compilation of a resource file of graphic images provides the basis for design choices. 2 credits.

113 Sound Design
Study of the history of theatre sound design and production. Introduction to sound recording, digital sound capturing and editing, microphones and sound reinforcement techniques. Students complete design projects related to theatrical production. 2 credits.

115 Stagecraft
Technical theatre nomenclature, tools, materials, rigging, scene painting and standard construction techniques for standard theatrical scenery. Laboratory required. Majors only. 4 credits.

116 Costume Crafts
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Principles of costume technology, including basic sewing/construction techniques, fabric identification, and modification technique; and crafts techniques, such as millinery, armor construction, and dyeing and painting. Laboratory required. 4 credits.

120 Acting
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Fundamentals of acting technique including script reading and analysis, movement, vocal development, and performance theory and practice. 4 credits.

140 Digital Technology for the Theatre
Introduction to hardware and software technologies used in theatrical production, study, research and analysis. Students produce projects directly related to theatre scholarship, design and practice in such areas as graphics, database, audio and video production and editing, html and web publishing, page layout, and design. Laboratory required. 4 credits.

150 Clothing as Self Expression
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)​
Students will explore fashion as a form of self-expression and attempt to assess the importance of our personal daily routines relative to external manipulation of our fashion priorities. 4 credits.

180 Medieval Theatre from Page to Stage
Introduction to Medieval Miracle/Mystery Plays and public performance of one of the plays. Study of the history, dramaturgy and theology of the plays; adaptation of the text into modern language; rehearsal and production of one of the plays. May Experience ONLY. 2 credits.

210 Theatre History I
A survey of classical Greek and Roman theatre, the theatre of medieval Europe, Renaissance Italy, France and Japan, Golden Age Spain, Elizabethan and Restoration England, and Baroque France. 4 credits.

211 Theatre History II
A survey of theatre history from the end of neo-classicism through German romanticism and on through realism. Includes elements of twentieth-century eclecticism such as epic theatre, the theatre of the absurd, and the theatres of participation, confrontation, protest and ritual. 4 credits.

220 Acting II: Characterization
Prerequisite: THA-120
Advanced acting techniques with emphasis on exploration and development of character through play reading and analysis, improvisation, ensemble acting, experimentation and performance. 4 credits.

223 The Actor's Voice
Exploration of vocal production for the theatre using a variety of methods including articulation for the stage, Shakespearean acting, developing character voices and stage dialect. 4 credits.

224 Movement for the Actor
GER: MB (Mind & Body)
Exploration and development of the actor's physical expression for the stage. Includes stage combat, period styles, mask work, and other methodologies that can be applied to theatrical performance. 4 credits.

230 Readings in Dramatic Literature
Study in depth of the dramatic literature of a particular historical period, genre or nation. The topic changes depending on the instructor teaching the course. Offerings might include readings in Irish Theatre; Restoration Theatre; Theatre of the Absurd; Nineteenth Century Realism; Late Twentieth and Early Twenty-First Century American Theatre. 4 credits.

240 Playwriting
GER: VP (Visual and Performing Arts)
Introduction to and practice in the art and craft playwriting for the stage. Emphasis on play structure, character development and dialogue. Students write frequently, read their work in class and complete a 10-minute play and a one-act play. 4 credits.

310 Directing
Prerequisite: THA-120
Introduction to modern directing theory and strategies, including script analysis, casting and rehearsal techniques, and direction of a one-act play for public performance. 4 credits.

315 Scene Design
Prerequisite: THA-115
Exploration of theatrical perspective drawing techniques. Analysis, research and execution of selected scenic design projects. Completion of ART-111, 113 or 124 helpful, but not required. 4 credits.

316 Costume Design
Prerequisite: THA-101, 115, 116 or 120
The costume design process, from elements and principles of design to analysis of script and character, historical research, and methods of rendering. Completion of ART-111, 113 or 124 helpful, but not required. 4 credits.

317 Lighting Design
Introduction to the history and practice of theatrical lighting design, including basic electricity, instruments, control, analysis, research and execution of design projects. Lab required. 4 credits.

320 Acting III: Period Styles
Prerequisite: THA-120
The study and practice of period acting styles and the research tools available to actors. Offerings include Greek Golden Age, Italian Commedia dell'Arte, Elizabethan England, French Neoclassicism, and Comedy of Manners. 4 credits.

350 Travel Study in the United Kingdom
Topics include, but are not limited to, play attendance, visits backstage at major theatres, visits to foreign museums, and field trips to other sites of interest. 4 credits.

410 Theatrical Criticism
GER: TA (Critical, Analytical Interpretation of Texts)
Analysis and discussion of major trends in theatrical criticism from Aristotle to the present. 4 credits.

420 Acting IV: Special Topics
Prerequisite: THA-120 AND any other 200- or 300-level acting course
Emerging issues and innovative content not covered by other acting courses. Topics might include advanced scene study, contemporary or classical styles, show development, or collaborative theatre-making. Significant laboratory component required. 4 credits.​

430 Senior Synthesis
Prerequisite: senior class standing and instructor permission
A portfolio assembly/presentation course completed by senior Theatre Arts majors. Student presentations will demonstrate levels of accomplishment in acting/directing, backstage, design, and written project work. Students will focus intensively on one particular project to demonstrate mastery in that area. Presentations will contain evidence of students' in-depth ability to understand and articulate the meaning of plays from a design, performance, technical or research perspective. 2 credits.

440 Creative Dramatics
Practical games, exercises and improvisations for actors and teachers who wish to work in the children's theatre field or use creative dramatics in the non-theatre arts classroom. Includes creative dramatics and drama structures for the non-theatre classroom. 4 credits.

501 Independent Study
Independent projects not specifically related to directing or design. Projects may be approved in, although not necessarily limited to, acting, theory and criticism, theatre history or playwriting. Variable credit.

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