In keeping with the liberal arts tradition, a religion major includes study in a variety of areas. The specific courses included for completion of the major are agreed upon in consultation with the department chair, thus, the design of the major may vary according to the interests, vocational direction, and needs of the student. In certain circumstances, the major may include electives from other departments.

A major in Religion requires that a student take eight courses in Religion. These include:

  • REL-2475, Senior Seminar,
  • Two courses each in two different traditions, 200-level or above,
  • at least three additional religion courses,
  • and attendance at the department colloquium each spring

Main Traditions

Jewish and Christian Studies

210: History, Literature, and Religion of the Old Testament
211: New Testament and Early Christianity
214: Apocalyptic Literature
310: Old Testament Prophets
311: Wisdom Literature
314: The Pentateuch
316: Biblical Text and Canon
318: Jesus and the Gospels
319: Paul's Life and Thought

Theology & Ethics
240: Basic Christian Theology
241: Christian Classics
242: Modern Christian Thought
247: God, War and Empire
260: Religion and Literature
343: Liberation Theologies
344: Black Liberation and Womanist Theologies

220: Introduction to Judaism
226: Eastern Orthodoxy & Roman Catholicism
232: African American Religious History
236: History of Western European Christianity 400-1300
237: History of Western European Christianity 1300-1650
331: History and Theology of Christian Worship
360: Women and Religion in the West
348: Augustine of Hippo: His Life and Thought


223: Hindu Cultures and Religious Worlds
325: Women and Power in Hinduism
AST 220: Ramayana: Gods, Myths, and Moral Dilemmas
AST 225: Premodern Literature of India


224:  Introduction to Buddhism
327: East Asia Buddhism


222: Introduction to Islam
322: Muhammad and the Quran
323: Women, Gender, and Islam

Comparative Courses

221: Native American Religions
225: Religions in Africa
227: Religions of South Asia
228: History of God (travel course)
230: Religion in America
341: Religious Pluralism
401: Theory and Method in the Study of Religion
ANT 344: Anthropology of Religion

Upon department approval, one comparative course may be paired with a course in a major tradition to satisfy part of this requirement or two comparative courses may be paired to satisfy part of this requirement (ex., Native American Religions and Religion in America).

Students are required to attend the Religion Department Colloquium held in the spring semester of each year.

Other Stipulations

One 100-level course may count as major elective (note: some upper-level Religion courses may require a 100 level course as prerequisite).

One FYS/W taught by a member of the Religion Department may count as major elective.

One course outside the department may count as a major elective with approval. Note that ANT 344 - Anthropology of Religion is a departmental course, and counts for the Religion major.

Two May Experience courses taught by members of the Religion Department may be counted toward the major.


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