South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities Excellence in Teaching Awards

Each year, the South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (SCICU) recognizes and celebrates outstanding professors through the Excellence in Teaching Award program. A member of the faculty from each of the twenty members institutions is selected, using criteria determined by each institution. The award recipients are honored at a special dinner and awarded a professional development grant. Below is a list of Furman award recipients since the program’s inauguration in 2006.

Year Recipient Department
2017 Marianne Bessy Modern Languages and Literatures
2016 Kevin Hutson Mathematics
2015 Leslie W. Hicken Music
2014 Alicia Raby Powers Health Sciences
2013 James L. Guth Political Science
2012 Anne Leen Classics
2011 Victoria L. Turgeon Biology
2010 A. Scott Henderson Education
2009 T. Lloyd Benson History
2008 Charles B. Andersen Earth and Environmental Science
2007 Elizabeth S. Smith Political Science
2006 Gilles O. Einstein Psychology