OLLI @ Furman gives senior adults more than just something to do. You may begin by attending Dr. Crabtree's Shakespeare course, which leads to a Pen and Ink class, play bridge on Wednesday afternoon and then take a tour on Friday, and along the way you realize that learning never retires and you've never felt better or so engaged.

In addition to the many courses that are offered during the academic year, various committees will plan special programs that include social events, discussion groups, special interest groups, travel, and service opportunities. These programs are planned around your interests and with your participation, so please let us know what types of programs you want offered.

Don't hesitate to ask questions (some frequently asked ones can be found by clicking here), share your life experiences, get involved with a committee and take that math class you avoided when you were a teen. The more involved you become, the richer and fuller OLLI @ Furman becomes, and the richer and fuller your life becomes.

Below is information on just about everything you need to know to get involved and enjoy your experience with OLLI @ Furman.  And remember, learning never retires!

Executive Council

Elaine Brummett
VP/President Elect Steve Davis
VP of Administration George Hammond
At Large Dick Eaton
At Large Pat Hicks
At Large Diane Lawrence
At Large Greg Parker
At Large Roger Wheeler
At Large Barbara Wojack

Committee Chairs

Administration George Hammond
Curriculum  Jim Smeaton
Curriculum Co-Chair Greg Peters
Faculty Support  Judy Pearson
Gray Matters Gary Aten
Long Range Planning  Barbara Leimsieder
Outreach Jack Hansen
Social Sharon Sickler


Nancy Kennedy, Director
Susan Rae, Assistant Director, Curriculum Coordinator and Technology Support
Pam Roberson, Faculty Support
Heidi Wright, Volunteer Coordinator and Office Manager

OLLI @ Furman, 3300 Poinsett Highway, Greenville, SC 29613

864-294-2998, Fax 294-2920  Website: furman.edu/OLLI

Membership Fees

To participate in any OLLI course, trip or event you must first join OLLI @ Furman for the academic year. The cost of $50 covers copies, computer lab, lifeguards, bonus trips, seminars, software and other incidental fees incurred by the program during the year. Once you have joined you then have a choice of purchasing a package of courses at a much lower per course cost or individual courses.

Individual courses during Fall, Winter Spring Terms    $50
6 courses annually    $210
9 courses annually    $275
15 courses annually  $320
Summer term, all courses $30, no membership required

Annual Membership Benefits

  • OLLI members can buy lunch in the Furman Faculty dining room, located in the lower level of the student dining hall. We ask that you eat at one of the tables in the alcoves overlooking the lake in the student dining area. Full menus are available for under $6.50.
  • Members have access to the Furman University Library and the Marvin Book Nook (located in the Herring Center).
  • Opportunities to take special trips and attend events coordinated by the Events and Excursions committee to theaters, museums, and a variety of other activities.
  • Brown Bag Lunch speakers, and special prices for campus events. 
  • OLLI members will receive the weekly OLLI Notes and the quarterly newsletter, Gray Matters, which keep you updated on all OLLI and campus events.
  • Use of computer lab when not in use by a class.
  • Early notice of course brochures.
  • Join any of the Special Interest Groups.

How to register​:

  1. Online: go to www.furman.edu/OLLI and click on the Register Now! button  If you have been a member with OLLI in the last 3 years your user name is your first name.last name. On the sign in page you will see: If you have registered for an OLLI class in the past three years you may already have an account setup. Enter your email address  and user name (which is usu​ally your Firstname.Lastname) and your password will be instantly emailed to you. Once you have the password you can then start registering! (Don't worry, on the screen after you sign in you will be able to change your password to one that you can remember!)
  2. In Person: (CHECK or CASH ONLY)  go to the OLLI Office on the Furman campus, 3300 Poinsett Highway, Greenville, SC 29613.  The OLLI Office is located in the Herring Center for Continuing Education. 
  3. By Mail: send your completed registration with payment (CHECK ONLY) to OLLI @ Furman, 3300 Poinsett Highway, Greenville, SC 29613-1511. 

Refund policy

Term fees are refundable through the end of the second week of classes. After the end of the second week, there will be no refunds given. An administration charge of $10 will apply to any course cancellations. If an entire membership and/or all classes are canceled there will be a $25 administration charge.  NOTE:  In the Summer Term, there will be no refunds for dropped classes once the session begins.

Bonus Trip Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations within 48 hours of an event or no shows by members for special one-day events will be charged $25 by OLLI. The member will not be able to sign up for future events or trips until this fee is paid. In case of emergency or sickness within 24 hours of the event we ask that the member call to notify the office or trip leader as soon as possible. The notification procedure allows time for another member on the wait list to be contacted to take your place. Please be fair and considerate to your fellow members.


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