October 2000


New Employees:
Candy Anders, Technician - Library
David Barksdale, Technical Services Coordinator - Computing & Information Services
Ann Edwards, Secretary - Computer Science
Gale Goodwin, Administrative Secretary - Administrative Services
Skip Grant, Carpenter - Facilities Services
Barbara Green, Custodian - Facilities Services
Helen Greer, Secretary - Political Science
Christopher Keeling, Assistant Coach - Men's Basketball
Erin Keen, Community Services Staff - Public Safety
Curtis Rogers, Custodian - Facilities Services
Tony Whitaker, Senior Carpenter - Facilities Services
Fletcher Whittenberg, Officer - Public Safety
Anne Williams, Weekend Nurse - Health Services

Gary Clark, Athletic Director
Sandy Bryan, Secretary - Sociology
Chris Gilbert, Officer - Public Safety
Lilli Ann Hall, Executive Secretary - Development
Rebecca Looper, Administrative Secretary - Academic Affairs Service

Priscilla Foreman, 30 years
Margaret Crisp, 25 years
James Odom, 20 years
Kathy Collins, 20 years
Lynn Riggins, 15 years
Sandra Adams, 10 years
Charlie Register, 10 years
Pam Anson, 10 years
Lori Law, 5 years
Sam Clark, 5 years
Joe Ashley, 25 years
Carol Asalon, 5 years

Employee profile
Jack Dickey


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