October 2000

"I'm voting for Ralph Nader. He's the only valid choice between tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumber."

Larry Hudson, Career Services

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Which presidential candidate will you vote for in November and why?

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"I'm leaning toward Bush. I feel like a lot of other people. The Clinton administration is a factor in my decision. I like a lot of what Bush is saying, although some stuff has come off sounding very stupid."

Joe Ayers, Bookstore

"I haven't decided because I'm waiting for the debates. It's close to the cutting edge. They're not coming through fast enough."

Nancy Cooper, University Center

"None of them because I don't like them. There is no platform worth voting. I probably won't vote this year because it would just be one wasted vote. Nothing that has been said has caught my attention and I'm not impressed with any of them. I would vote for Elvis instead."

Jackie Wilson, ARAMARK

"Al Gore. We have a very stable economy and I hope he can continue what Clinton has started. Even though I don't like Clinton."

Faye Jordan, Student Employment
Which Presidential candidate will you vote for in November and why?