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Early Experience
Early Experience Documents:

All candidates in Furman's Teacher Education Program participate in a site-based interaction with a classroom teacher known as Early Experience. Undergraduate candidates typically participate in Early Experience when they are rising seniors; graduate students participate in Early Experience during a comparable point in their progress through the Teacher Education Program. Early Experience occurs during the first three-four weeks of the K-12 school year. Candidates are referred to as "co-teachers" during Early Experience.

Early Experience provides candidates with an orientation to the community, district, school, and classroom placement that elementary, secondary/foreign language candidates will use as their applied teaching sites during the Senior Block/Practicum, and which music candidates will use as the site for their Teaching Internship.

Senior Block
 Senior Block/Practicum Documents:
During the spring term of the senior year, elementary and secondary/foreign language candidates return to their Early Experience placement schools to participate in a full-time practicum. As co-teachers during this practicum, elementary and secondary/foreign language candidates will gradually assume all the teaching and administrative responsibilities of the cooperating teacher. These responsibilities will last most of the term, typically eight-ten weeks. Additional seminars for candidates will occur throughout the term in the late afternoon.

The Senior Block/Practicum is not the same as, or an equivalent to, the Teaching Internship. Rather, it serves as an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their readiness to proceed to the Teaching Internship, either as an induction teacher or as the co-teacher in the classroom of a cooperating teacher.

Teaching Internship Documents:
All candidates must complete the Teaching Internship, though the timing and structure of the internship differ according to the licensure area and whether a candidate is in the Teacher to Teacher Program:
  • Music candidates complete their Teaching Internship with a cooperating teacher, typically during the spring term of the senior year.
  • Elementary and secondary/foreign language candidates who are not in the Teacher to Teacher Program complete their Teaching Internship with a cooperating teacher, typically during the fall term after graduation from Furman.
  • Elementary and secondary/foreign language candidates who are in the Teacher to Teacher Program complete their Teaching Internship (pending vacancies, funding, passing scores on PRAXIS II exams, and Furman/school district approval), as an induction teacher, typically during the fall term after graduation from Furman.

Performance Assessment System  
Performance Assessment System

Candidate Performance Assessment
Transition Points "At A Glance"
The "Performance Assessment System" refers to the procedures used by the Teacher Education Program to monitor and evaluate candidates as they complete the requirements for certification. These procedures include, but are not limited to, admission into the Teacher Education Program; review of candidate transcripts; evaluation of candidate performance by Furman faculty, cooperating teachers, and school district personnel; and resolution of any concerns raised by faculty or the candidate. These procedures are described in detail in the documents that are listed under "Performance Assessment System."

Documents listed under "At a Glance" are summaries of the transition points (stages) through which candidates progress in the Teacher Education Program. Finally, the "Event/Concern Report" is the document used by the Teacher Education Program to formally identify a concern(s) about a candidate, and to provide a framework/time line for resolution of that concern(s).

Teacher to Teacher
The Teacher to Teacher Program is a part of Furman’s Teacher Education Program that involves partnerships between Furman and local (South Carolina) school districts.

Uniqueness:  Teacher to Teacher Program participants may be given the opportunity of becoming induction year teachers at the start of the K-12 academic year following graduation from Furman.  An “induction year” refers to an individual’s first year as an official teacher in a South Carolina public school.

  All elementary and secondary/foreign language candidates are eligible to participate in the Teacher to Teacher Program if they meet the ongoing criteria to remain in the Teacher Education Program (i.e., candidates do not have to officially apply to the Teacher to Teacher program).  In order for a candidate to be offered an induction year contract, a local school district must have a vacancy (and funding for the vacancy) in the candidate’s certification area; the candidate must receive passing scores on PRAXIS II exams; and Furman and school district officials must endorse the candidate as eligible for an induction year contract.  Participating school districts will not honor contracts that might have been previously offered to candidates if the candidate does not successfully complete all aspects of the Senior Block/Practicum, as indicated by the cooperating teacher and university supervisor on the candidate’s final evaluation.

Note: Furman University is not directly involved or influential in the offering of contracts for the induction year and therefore cannot be held responsible for those who may not be employed as induction teachers in a partner school district.  The process of employment is separate from the completion of the certification requirements.

Impact on the Teaching Internship:
  Instead of completing their Teaching Internship with a cooperating teacher, candidates who sign induction contracts complete their Teaching Internship concurrently during the fall term of their first year of teaching (with guidance from a university supervisor and a district mentor).

Graduate Credits:
During the Teaching Internship (whether as an induction teacher or as a co-teacher in the classroom of a cooperating teacher), candidates earn a minimum of nine hours of graduate credit (6 hours for EDEP-670: Teaching Internship, and three hours for EDEP-640: Best Practices for Beginning Teachers).

Salary and Benefits:
  Until successful completion of the Teaching Internship (which usually occurs in early December), Furman candidates serving as induction teachers are compensated by a local school district at approximately 75 percent of the salary of fully-certified first-year teachers.  School districts also usually reimburse candidates for the graduate tuition associated with the Teaching Internship.

Certification Status:
   To be an induction teacher in a K-12 public school classroom (and to be deemed “highly qualified” under the No Child Left Behind legislation), Teacher to Teacher participants are granted a one-year Intern Teaching Certificate from the South Carolina Department of Education.  Upon successful completion of the Teaching Internship and all other Teacher Education Program requirements, the induction teacher receives Furman’s endorsement for an Initial South Carolina Teaching Certificate.

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